Lanphan Equipment in a Certified Lab...


Anyone have insight on if Lanphan equipment (rotary evaporators, chillers, vacuum ovens) have a UL stamp or would be ok for use in a certified Medical Laboratory using Cryo EtOH extraction here in the US (oklahoma)? I want to use their equipment, but I don’t want to get railroaded by inspections. I know this is a tough or maybe ignorant question but any help would be appreciated if it’s out there.



No UL certification


Thanks for the response. I’m not 100% sure a UL cert is needed, but regardless that’s unfortunate. I wonder if a CE stamp would work instead, I was told by a Lanphan Rep they can provide a CE stamp.

Perhaps I can just use the chinese glassware and obtain american equipment for any parts drawing current.



There was some great deals on US and European rotovap motors on eBay a while back. Not sure if they’re still there, but worth looking at. Best to give your fire marshal a call before you spend the money. If you don’t live in CA, you might be surprised what you can get away with. I know some of the medical labs in my state are getting away with some surprising shit. Some would say alarming shit.


Glassware and other parts is ok for us.
Just tell me your exact requirement or drawing, then I could quote to u