- New Equipment arrived or coming - Toronto Canada

20L Dual Condenser Heidolph Labo Rota Evaporator - CA$15,000
20L Dual Condenser Buchi Rotovap with B-177 pump and separation Unit - CA$18,000
Neslab MX500 - 20KW Chiller enough for 4 x 50L rotovaps - CA$15,000
Neslab HX540 - 20KW Chiller enough for 4 x 50L rotovaps - CA$15,000
Chem Resistant Vacuum Pumps by Vacuubrand 2 Chamber for 20L roto - $1600
Chem Resistant Vacuum Pumps by Vacuubrand 4 Chamber for 50L roto - $2200
Chinese -80C chillers - CA$4000 (have 4 available)
Current Brand New Chinese (LabCradle logo) 20L Rotovaps - CA$7250 (in stock)
Varian (France) HS602 18cfm Vacuum Pumps - CA$1400
Sogevac 65 (France) 40cfm Vacuum Pump - CA$1600
8 x 36 Jacketed Columns - CA$550

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Do you have any more details on the chinese -80 chillers? Res size, cooling capacity, etc?

Any lids/caps for the 8" jacketed columns?



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Chinese Chillers are DLL 5/-80 and its brother DLSB 5/-80 they are both same thing

8" columns there reducers coming, no caps, they are standard sizes

Applicable Industries:

Industrial, Lab

After Warranty Service:

Video technical support, Online support

Local Service Location:


Showroom Location:



Brand New



Place of Origin:

Shanghai, China


220V, 50/60Hz




ce, U-L Fittings


1 Year

After-sales Service Provided:

Free spare parts, Video technical support, Online support

Working Temperature Range:


Key Selling Points:


Cooling Type:

Alcohol internal and external circulation

Temperature setting way:

Digital Settings for keys

Compressor Brand:


Cooling capacity:


Cooling Power:




Circulating pump:


Pump flow:


Pump Lift:


Inlet/outlet valve:

1 inch Female Thread/Other types and sizes are optional


$4000 pickup in Canada is the goal? 16k for 4 seems to be under alibaba advertised price so it seems like a great deal.

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yes, pickup in canada, they are 1 year old about 3-6 months used. one is working ready for pickup and 3 will be ready in about 2-3 months

Are they 5/80’s or 30/80’s? The first number is the reservoir size, I havent seen a DLSB 5/80 before, were they special order?

So just to confirm they are not new equipment like the title states?
Are the other three that are not ready being refurbished or are they in use?
Is the one that is ready refurbished or used?
Are they single phase or three phase?


New means new stock, they are not posted for sale anywhere yet.
it is 5L goes to -80C. Chinese took different approach to chilling, its not done in the tank but rather on a heat exchanger. So basically tank size does not matter.

Chillers are used. 3 needs to be serviced before we can sell them.

Ill give you 1k for a chiller

Ill give ya $1200!

Thank you for the offers, they are in my warehouse waiting for someone who will take better care of them.

Im cash ready to buy one of the 5l that needs to be serviced as is.

i am getting pumps from my china supplier it will be as good as new in 2 weeks. I have 2 fully operational now, ready to roll CA$5K or US$3.8K each only.

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Just in

Heat Transfer Fluid from -75C to +315C local pickup in Toronto only. Can ship drum only - requires dangerous goods transportation type.

$150/gallon 1-4 gallons
$100/gallon 4-10 gallons
$2500 for 55 gallon drum

Update and New Equipment available in Toronto all prices in CAD, delivery available:

-75C HTF per 208L/55gallon Drum - $850
10KW Chiller Koolant Koolers for Rotovap (2 x 50L) USA Made 3ph Air cooled - $8000
10KW Chiller Haskris R-300 for Rotovap (2 x 50L) USA Made 3ph water cooled - $10000
ISO Drum - $825
Methanol Drum - $550
Various USA Made Hotplates - from $225
Various New China Made Mantles 5L 10L 20L no stir - from $350
Stainless - 6", 8" jacketed columns from $600
8" 5 micron filter plate with support $750

alternatively visit not all products listed, they are usually gone before they hit the online store


Added your .com to the title. Appreciate the share of equipment available.