Lab Testing Cost

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I’m looking for information regarding the cost of accurate COAs. Specifically, my plan is to run a sample from prospective vendors of D8 in order to verify that the COA provided is accurate before I move forward with that product for production. As I understand from perusing the threads here, compliant D8 is difficult to source.

  1. How much does the basic testing for cannabinoid profile generally cost? (There’s no point in testing for everything if the product isn’t compliant.)

  2. Do any of you manufacturers of edible products do this and what has been your experience with it? And how do you handle the situation should a vendor’s product test above the legal D9 limit?

  3. Has anyone found reliable D8 distillate suppliers with compliant product and accurate COAs?

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most of your questions can be answered with that


Check out @kcalabs, it cost money to get accurate results. No one I know is supplying consistent compliant results at scale, but KCA might have other information.



What it costs to test depends on where you are…

And getting In House analytics early rather than late is the pro-move.


Was gonna say @kcalabs is your BEST choice.

That or a true DEA owned and operated lab, but I’m afraid of Hank Schrader.

Call up cannabis testing labs in legal states and present your wants to them. Tell them it is a legal hemp product you want tested for “personal information only”… You are not a business. If they are game, they should only be charging ~$150 per sample.

And let them know you specifically want to quantify d9 and d8 separately because that is the important and pretty challenging part on the testing side.