Lab Society

Lab Society is a world-class manufacturer and supplier of American-made laboratory equipment. They specialize in: rotary evaporators, short path distillation, vacuum ovens, lab glassware, extraction supplies and much more.



this is a really nice rig.


Can’t wait for ours to arrive!

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Hi Garhundel
Have you had a chance to use it yet? how does it work?


Works ok, need a deeper vaccuum than the weak one provided, especially for cbd distillation. Customer service is pretty good except this one guy named adam coe kinda sucks. Poor guy. Batch short path is NOT the way to go for cbd distillation on large scale.


Thanks for the info. Have you found a better solution/product?

Wiped film till death do us part. Granted I perform industrial scale processes.


Where would you purchase a wiped film ? USA made or would you be comfortable purchasing one directly from China ? For instance “Lab 1st” ?


Which vacuum pump was provided?

Welch pro 8

are you located in CA?

Wiped film with Stainless steel body is what works for us!

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@LabSociety I emailed you all about getting a 10 or 15 L reactor but no one emailed me. Can you PM some prices…

Rumor has it that you have a fraction finder?

Is that correct?
could not find it on your website.

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Inquiring minds would like to know…

Hello. @LabSociety I Use your Terpene Distillation Unit for steam extracted essential oils. What do you recommend as a heat source for switching to nitrogen?

Hey there!

There is no heat source, the nitrogen, as well as the vacuum pump extracts the terpenes at lower temperatures thereby decreasing degradation and resulting in a more flavorful solution.