Lab Society 20L SPD.... Yay or Nay?

Looking into purchasing a 20L Lab Society SPD. Anyone with experience using this equipment have input?


Hi buddy,
you could buy 20L spd fro me.
i am manufacturer from China and could provide good price with you.
if you want it, just dm and tell me your email address, then i will send the quotation to you.

@Terry_Manager is your equipment UL certified?

we could provide CE and no UL.
but many Amercian company have been buying labs equipment from China and i also have been selling them to Amercian company.
so the quantity is same and just appearance is different.

I doubt any companies are buying your equipment. We cannot use equipment that is not UL certified in legal labs.

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not all conpany buy from me, i mean some company sir.

and i understand sir,

Buy a wiped film, large scale short paths are useless never buy any short path above 5 liter. Moreover never buy a short path for production scale distillation of cannabinoids


Preach my bro, Iā€™m all ears.