Lab Society 12L SPD help!

Hey guys, I started out with summits spd1 long ago, switched to CES shortpath and now got a 12L lab society short path. I’ve started to set it up but I hit a couple problems and was wondering if you guys could help me out instead of waiting to call them on Monday. So the 12L has two vacuum ports on both sides and I can’t figure out why. I’m thinking maybe I just tee them off together then use the glass valve tee to hook up both sides then to the cold trap, vac gauge, vac regulator then pump?

Also, the other snag I hit was on the chiller for the cold traps. They are too close together to configure them like the instructions say so i kind of just hooked it up how i saw possible and it looks kind of funky, they aren’t straight, and they kind of wiggle. I also I want to confirm that the chiller for the cold trap can take reagent alcohol (95% ethyl 5% iso).
Any help is appreciated!

As for the vacuum ports…

The cow adapters are each connected to the three way valve, which is then connected to the cold trap.
The heads are connected to the barbed T which then connects to the vacuum gauge, if you wish to measure vacuum from here. If not those ports can be capped.

What model is your cold trap chiller? And can you post a picture of your other issue with the configuration please. If I miss you tonight I’ll respond first thing tomorrow :call_me_hand:t3:

Thank you!!! It didn’t come with any caps so that wasn’t an option for me haha.

As far as the chiller, I hope this img uploads… and the model, im assuming, is SH-WB-5GDR

Much appreciated.

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I’ve used that trap chiller before, I replaced the default traps with Aldrich rodaviss traps that I essentially configured to be slightly different heights and angles that afforded me shorter lines with less bends. Overall, if the vacuum connections aren’t kinked then you should be ok, I’ve never managed to set it up like the instructions.

I always hated the configuration of that chiller, but perhaps I was using it wrong the whole time.

Thanks! as far as the coolant… reagent alcohol should work, no?

Acetone works too, we use it in low temp traps .

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Thanks for the help guys, got it up and running!


I too am in need of some short path help on an LS 12L. So I thought id attach here, hopefully that’s alright. I’m having trouble when I break vacuum…ever on this system. I’m getting fog/harmful vapors pouring into my flasks. I’m using the auxillary condenser so I have two KF25 T manifolds that split and control my vacuum. So I close my manifold and lock off the vacuum in the system, go to loosen the vacuum fitting attached to my tri cow’s, or even the vacuum fittings on the condenser and whaalaaah. Smelly putrid vapor contaminates all of my clean glass. So fun. Does anyone have any insight into what steps I can take to eliminate drawing this harmful vapor into my glass. I was thinking I could keep the tri cows set up but not attached to the system. With the mono cows or even just a simple 250ml flask stuck on the end of my condenser to block it off on each side I could swap my tri cow after I break vacuum to the condenser to remove it from the system. Also would bleeding nitrogen in to break vacuum instead of air help? thanks for any an all input it is very appreciated:v:

well, I just found that by blocking off vacuum, shutting pump off, removing the kf fitting on the bottom most T manifold, and very slowly using the manifold to sloooowly let the vacuum drop, evenly across both heads, was successful. I’m pretty sure that’s a run on sentence but…yeah. It worked! still interested in others input.

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Always have and close a valve between the pump and your apparatus. This wont allow the vac to back feed oil and fumes.

Theres a vac pump shutdown sop somewhere

Right on,that definitely makes sense to have one right at the pump. I typically use a stainless needle valve.
Any thoughts on types of valves for deep vacuum? Thanks

Bellows valves are good for really high vac applications.

The text is my favorate part of the valve!:grin:


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on this unit with dual welch vacs i cant seem to pull lower than 700micron. is this a normal issue?

No we pull down under 50 no problem with one edwards 28

shit, my mistake, im currently using dual edwards 30s. at the needle valves i have a bullseye meter that will show im pulling about 100micron, the other meter is at the bottom of the condenser before the flask and im usually around 700micron there. I have a 5L XTR depot unit as well and it consistantly pulls down to 20-30micron with minimal effort. granted, it doesnt use any hoses of any kind, i think its called a SS bellow from the dewer trap to the vac. any tips on getting the 12L working properly would be greatly appreciated.

using the old condensers with the vacuum guage is going to read much higher than the new setup where it is measured in between the two cold traps. Also are you using tubing or full bore?

*edit I see you compare the xd 5L , you really need to uprgrade the 12L to full bore with the dual cold trap setup and stainless bellows. Imagine breathing thru a straw versus normal thats basically what you are doing to the edwards with hosing (idk if you are using a t80 but I wouldnt suggest that cold trap for a 12L)

I was thinking that was the issue, been trying to convince boss man to spend the money on the dual dewar traps with bellows. Currently using the giant blue box 3 finger micky mouse cold trap that initially came with the LS 12L. Yes hoses, stupid hoses

what kind of mantle temps SHOULD this be running for 1st pass? i keep reading under 200 but not sure if they are talking head or mantle