Lab Outfitting Critiques/Comments

Hi All,

Looking for some outside critiques and suggestions on a production setup, mainly foreseeable bottlenecks or production limitations:

  1. Extraction will be Ethos. Plan is to stage chill Ethanol to below -50C by going from a walk-in fridge > -40C freezer > -86C freezer to limit wear and tear on the compressors. Sub -50C ethanol will be constantly added to the Ethos to keep it running.

  2. Ethanol recovery is done via CES SprayVap. Ethanol is then recirculated back to staged chilling for reuse.

  3. Extracted oil is sent to Ai 10L Jacketed Reactor for decarb.

  4. Two-pass distillation in VTA Short Path Distillation Plant.

My main concern is constantly supplying sub -50C ethanol to the Ethos, but I’m sure there are more slowdowns that will pop up. Any comments or suggestions are welcome.


So this isn’t exactly timely but, I have a sprayvap and the hose running through the ez loader doesn’t seem to like sub-zero fluid. The line keeps flattening out on me, slowing the transfer rate.

Yea they usually supply you with a 3- or 5-ton chiller for cooling. Are you using propylene glycol as your coolant?