Lab Manager Looking for New Opportunity

Hello everyone,
My current employer is moving away from extraction, and so I am looking for another opportunity.

I do have my bachelors in Biochemistry, and have experience running/troubleshooting short path, rotary evaporators, centrifuges, and a 600 liter Deutsche SKS/SCR assembly which was running 24/5 for a good while there. I have experience with other hydrocarbon extraction methods on a much smaller scale. In addition, I have also played an integral role in product formulation for their topical lines. I am currently living in South Carolina, but am open to move almost anywhere else, depending on compensation.

If you are looking for someone with the aforementioned skills throw a message my way and lets talk about what your needs are, and how I may be able to help.


Get on linked in for a job.

Come here to argue.


Message me man.


I’ve worked with this candidate before and highly recommend them :beers: (hundreds of hours in the lab together)

Good luck :crossed_fingers:

@anon16547145 aren’t you the one incessantly doing both? Try and contribute something worth while next time fam, plenty of good opportunity here for good people

Edit: As a little bonus anyone who scoops this person can get a lvl3 inspection from me for a heavily discounted rate (just cover travel and expenses, I’ll comp my time) provided the lab that scoops them is up to snuff of course :call_me_hand: ganggang hope they get placed soon!


I’ve listed dozens of job postings that nobody has even messaged me about so this place doesn’t really fucking strike me as like a job board

Thanks for your input on my activity though that and a dollar will get me a cheeseburger

This place is a job board

I made a post on @CapitalismSucks420 about this and had 2-3 people offer me an opportunity but all in cities across the state.

Thats how I tried to get into entry level lab positions to work my way up but all are in different cities.

Good luck @Anti_equilibrist

There are plenty of people here who are in need of someone with your experience, just ask and post! Someone WILL reply with an opportunity.


1/8th of mushrooms and a through the pants rub down…

Fucking steal bro


Because lots of people have a LinkedIn already and can see all the same shit you can. No need to be upset


Wanna f@$& me baby Pull up to the Ritz Carlton!


Dm me

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Might be cause you strike folks as arrogant and braggadocious.


Sounds like everyone I’ve ever worked for and I didn’t stop me from getting the bag.

To each their own

regardless of your experience its not a “good move” to act shitty on a post where someone’s trying to find a job and earn a livelihood. Its unnecessary, and may even detract from someone’s ability to put food on the table.

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DM a mod and have them janitor it for you.

I have a thread with director jobs that this guy to apply to. Save the guilt trip because it is falling on deaf ears.

Me making a comment that you perceive as shitty is out of my control buddy. Ignore my account if you don’t like what I type

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Agreed, LinkedIn is the place to get well paying science jobs. Inflate that profile and get some good buzzwords in there… Keep the weed talk to a minimum, call it cannabis/hemp. Play it professionally.

This will get you much better job offers than this forum by far… I mean just going to be 100x the audience and you have a chance of being picked up by some professional organizations. Best of luck out there


@Labdog gets jobs

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I think the avatar photo kept a lot of people away too


I agree. Looks super rapey.


Lol. You don’t like Mr Extractor? Is my profile pic too meta for you?

Spoiler alert: that’s not me.

This place is comedy gold