Lab Liquidation Sale, Sacramento (In Box Delta Equipment, Used AI reactors and rotos, Urtel Alsop Filtration Skid)

Selling off an ethanol extraction set up located in Sacramento. Brand new Delta equipment still wrapped in the crates. I am at the facility all this week to show and sell. What we spent is listed below. Feel free to make reasonable offers.

Link to drive folder with pictures

Item Description Quantity Price

|CUP 30|Centrifuge CUP 30 and Accessories (kegs, bags, stems, fittings, dip tubes)|1|$126,475.00|

|FFE 60, GD Chiller|Delta Separations Falling Film Evaporator.|1|$190,000.00|

|Ertel Alsop 4-Stage Filtration Skid|1 Micron, Carbon, lenticular, Particulate|1|$35,400.00|

|Across International|20 liter rotovap|2|$9,850.00|

|Across International|C30 Chiller|2|$6,990.00|

|Across International|50 Liter Reactor Vessels|2|$15,000.00|

|Forklift|6,000 pound warehouse forklift|1|$6,000.00|

|Misc formulation equip|Tables, glassware, scales, etc. ||$25,000.00|

|Pallet Racks|6 bays. (3) 9’ shelves/bay|1|$3,200.00|

|Exhaust Fans|Vector and TCB explosion proof|3|$41,000.00|

|Cryofridge|Sanyo (-40)|1|$5,500.00|

Can you DM your number. Thank you

Also the Urtel Ersop four stage filtration skid comes with a pallet of BIO pack carbon filters, Zeta pak DE filters, bag filters and 1 micron cartridge filters.

We are in a selling mood till the end of the month. All offers welcome!

Hi, is your four stage filtration skid still available?