Lab Ideal Scam Site?

Hey guys, anybody used “Lab Ideal” ( I have been searching for a kf25 butterfly valve, and I ordered one from them on 9/6. I got an email from paypal saying that the transaction went through, but never received an email from them about anything. I have since emailed the email associated with the paypal transaction, with no response. I tried calling them, but noticed they are using google voice and have no branding or info as it went to voicemail with the generic greeting. At this point I need to do a chargeback. Has anyone else been scammed by this shady looking company?

When in doubt I always use PayPal for that 180 day money back guarantee

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Unfortunately, I got my accounts banned from paypal for selling d8. They took 800$ that was in my paypal account. In this case, they have paypal as a cc processor and that’s what I used. I’ll just have to dispute it through my bank.