Lab Equipment for Sale Northern California

We have a large cache of working equipment that our facility has outgrown and are willing to part with. We are open to any offers on any of the below equipment and can provide training, SOP’s, etc. if needed. I can provide pictures and discuss pricing on any of the items listed. We have an operational facility so all the equipment can be turned on onsite. Any questions feel free to email me and we can discuss it.
Please email

6" Pope Wiped Film Evaporator
Upgraded Edwards Scroll Pump
4 Pope Transfer Pumps
Back up Glassware

Edwards e2m18 Pump

Rosin Tech Rosin Press

Delta Falling Film Evaporator 45

710 Shark filling machine

Sock Filter & Carbon Filter(Wine Depot) w/ 10 pack of sock filter(new)

20 Liter Rotaovap RE-20L

Lab Society Short Paths
12 L
5 L
2 L
Upgrade High Efficiency Head
Optional Dual Head

Amersham Bioscience Chromatography Skid with Computer(windows XP) X-290-03

BPG Chromatography column 140/500

HPLC Agilent 1100 Series
w/ Standards

Please email

How much for the HPLC?

6k obo

Hey, the email you posted isn’t working - do you have another way to contact you?

What do you need, friend?I have a wiped film evaporator and a falling film evaporator.

What do you need to get for the rosin press?

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Is the Pope glass or stainless? Thanks.

make an offer

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it is glass

What type of falling film do you have?

Which model is it?

Is HPLC still available?

I would also like to know if its still available, haven’t been able to get ahold of OP

Delta FFE 45

I’m interested in your 6 inch distillation unit. Is it still available?

Yes it is

Can you email me?

whats still available?

All of it. Got one person interested in the HPLC but waiting currently.

Could you send me the equipment list with pricing. Interested in wiped film mostly, but could possibly need other items.