Lab buildout tour

I know most people here dont need basic-ish chemistry so I didnt think posting any of this guys videos would be necessary but this video is about building out a lab and everything he does is something people here r gonna need to do. He also talks about prices while staying cheap. this isnt full h1c1 or anything close but anybody doing that is also gonna need a lab at least as good as this on top of a fancy extraction room. All his videos are great and good resource to point people to learn lab skills and general chemistry knowledge. while he is non cannabis there are also things that come up on here that he’s videos are great at showing like celite filtrations is one recent example. and people seemed to not hate the last non cannabis youtube channel i posted about so I’d thought id do it again,


Most that ive learned about chemistry came from Nilered. Almost every experiment deals with some sort of precipitation.

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I literally watched this a few hours ago and showed my colleague. We had similar problems with no running water in one of our lab locations. Nilered is a fantastic channel. I’d also recommend Dougs lab, and Codys lab. Both also great resources.

Nilered’s buildout is indeed a long way from anything remotely C1D1, but there are numerous invaluable little hints of knowledge which can be gained from looking around other people’s labs. We all broadly know the hardware necessary to do what we want to do - but running an efficient lab is just as much about maintenance and storage of that equipment as it is operating it, and in those aspects, it’s most often the little touches which make the biggest difference.

Example - you can spot the touch of an experienced chemist on shelves with a raised lip. It’s only someone who’s let numerous RBF’s roll off a shelf (or someone who has been told about it) who knows the value in just a 1cm raised lip on the front edge of a shelf.

Or the addition of a glass marble to the top of a condensing column - heavy enough to form a seal and stop atmosphere entering the reaction chamber, but light enough that in the instance of pressure build up, it will raise slightly to release vapour before dropping back down when the pressure lowers and sealing the environment again.

Or a trick like @Future’s forced pressure dry-ice-in-the-solution rubber-glove-on-the-column chroma column hack.

These little touches don’t make the difference between a functioning lab or not, and individually, they’re not necessarily worth all that much … but together it’s all these little things which differentiate the really competent/productive chemists from the rest.

Seeing someone else’s space, and seeing them work in it can be more valuable than any SOP imo.


i totally agree, its the little things that really optimise a lab. i also love dougs and cody’s labs and would add Nurdrage to that list a well

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