Lab build outs, design plans, projection estimations, contracts

What’s good canna fam and gangsters. I’m gonna go out on a limb here and ask for some really ridiculous requests for some help. I’ve got tons of respect for all of you and this community that you built based on sharing knowledge and winning together. I’m still relatively new around here, so I hope I don’t offend anyone.

I’m in a bit over my head because I have to make some quick moves with this one and I’ve been buried. Does anyone have a layout design that they wouldn’t mind sharing? The lab im looking at now is only 1500sq/ ft but I could potentially end up with 2500. Your ideas of the best/most effective layouts would be tight! The sizes don’t have to match, I can scale it. Bonus points for estimated equipment costs ha ha.

I would normally speak with the lab company I’ll be using (havent even approached them yet), but I’d feel guilty if I got basically free consulting and then couldn’t close the deal and hence didn’t buy from them. Is that just me?

Does anyone feel like sharing their sample proposals, or one that you’re particularly proud of?

Also, if anyone has a sample contract for a cannabis partnership/ extraction lab even if all the pertinent information removed would give me a significant head start. Unfortunately the majority of the lawyers where I’m at all blatently share information and there are big money players that want to see you fail everywhere. So my lawyers great at contracts but hes lacking in cannabis specific experience, so a starting point would be huge. I’m also really interested on the “typicals” of an extraction lab that partners onto another medical license, terms of the contracts etc, 50/50 split on gross? I’ve seen so many people split up miserably and honestly my number one goal is to not continue to be taken advantage of or get fucked over.

If anyone wants to get really generous and share their average yields for the varying starting material, or how much material I could process with an ideal setup. I know one of you has an excel sheet that would blow my mind. How much? :wink:

Also open to general advice - “watch out for this”

With the ADD I’m able to manage it with cannabis alone, but it also means that contracts look like chinese to me.

A HUGE upfront thank you to any contributors, even the ones that are fully aware I’m getting lazy on this one


Thanks for the topic. What a great topic!

As a much younger control systems engineer tasked also with aeronautical engineering duties as well as (of all things) I too often felt overwhelmed at times. A control systems engineer not only designs the electronics that hook up to the actuators, motors, sensors and such but is also responsible for interfacing and programming the multiple computers inside just one machine, often from different manufacturers that use different numbering schemes (Look up Little Endian, Big Endian and now imagine writing code to interface the two…).

The projects at the beginning when my boss told me what they wanted seemed impossibly big for one guy to tackle. The trick is to not start at the end of what you want to accomplish but rather divide the task up into two chunks. Then take the first chunk and divide that task up into two logical things to get done. Keep dividing the task until you are at the VERY first step. For example, task # 1 - where will the drinking fountains go? Task two, potties. Task three, lunch room, task four, emergency station, task five, location of electrical outlets, etc.

You just cannot solve as a human a large complex project without breaking it down. Tip number two learned from my own mentor and recognized genius in industry, and who was my best friend - USE mock ups! I helped my friend design one of the most beautiful aircraft that ever broke a speed record. Five years before the first flight my friend bought a ton of cardboard and duct tape and in just a single night alone when I returned to work had built an entire full scale fuselage as a mock up just in cardboard. I knew my friend was genius but even that one was a delight to see lolz. My God a mock up of a fuselage of a 6500 pound aircraft! One night!

Mock ups let you handle things and move them around, kick them into place, and so forth. Cardboard can be bent, and cut and duct tape together can create a fuselage in one night. For each proposed machine in your plant the way a mockup might work for you would be to obtain the dimensions of the machine and just a few photos. Then… have fun and make something. Within a very short time you will have something you can move around, pick up, modify, and so forth. Building a mock up is just another single step to accomplish.

An alternative to a full blown mock up is to use duct tape on the floor itself of an existing building to outline where stuff will go. This is also common in aircraft hangars that stuff three airplanes into the space of two…

Just remember that as the engineer tasked with this to break this thing down into very small bite size chunks. Just one screw or fastener at a time so to speak. For a programmer we break things down into flow charts but only as a tool to help us break a large programming task into small chunks. Generals in an army must be able to break up tasks like this and delegate or they fail.

Most of all though, and I am being serious, when overwhelmed by a project and it seems impossible at the moment… go take a walk. Find a way to clear the mind and most of all - believe in your own ability to get it done. Not a cocky belief but a belief that nobody can stop you from placing one foot in front of the other and just keep repeating. Good luck.



Great advice man, thank you for taking the time to respond. I’m gonna use it and I’ll let you know how it goes! Been making some solid progress.