L@@k at this Disty

On a scale of 1-10? I give it an 8.

curious about the bubbles trapped in the liquid. Looks extremely stable. how was this made and do you have any tests on purity???

Pretty sure shorthpath was sucking in air somewhere. Went thru and did maintenance with no issues now. No testing but you are welcome to pick up one and have it tested.

might do that. as i was with @bg305 yesterday

Bg305 is a good guy :+1:


looks damn good if you move to the east coast lmk :smiley:

Or if you make it out here let me know. : )

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Or the Midwest :ok_hand: -9/10

Message sent

The best test is having the seller dab some. “Let’s celebrate your sale!”


Nothing sold here qma!

Of course not! I’m just saying, if one buys distillate, the best test is to have the seller dab it 1st! Certain markets don’t require testing and you gotta do what you gotta do. Some guys will cut their stuff so good you can’t tell in the cart. I don’t mind buying one just to see if they’ll smoke it. Cuts out the cutters. Shuts up the brokers trying to get lower prices.