KNF pump? Need Answers.

I have an extra unused KNF pump around, I can’t find much information about them except that it’s explosion proof pump.

Is it a vacuum pump or solvent recovery pump?

If it’s a recovery pump, what are pros/cons versus CMEP-OL? Thanks yall

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Looks to be a vacuum pump.


Can it be used for solvent recovery?

How does it compare to CMEP-OL?

Nope iT is based on Diafragm vacuum and Will not provide the pressure to liquify gas such as butane or propane

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Its a recovery pump bhogart use to sell them, there easy to rebuild but dont like alot of back pressure. They only sold them for a short time not sure why but they might be your best bet as far as answers go


I will bet it doesn’t like exhaust pressure so it won’t be able to pressurize the gas into liquid for recovery.

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I was running two of these with a large heat exchanger after pumps and before solvent tank. Worked great for crude runs with straight n-tane. They state not to exceed 60psi so i strongly do not suggest running them with a blend or straight propane, even if you are running super cold. Pros Easy rebuild and decently quiet, cons no customer service from the manufacturer and if you accident put liquid through them they sound like a damn chainsaw. I liked mine though.


Nice! 60psi on the backed should do it if you are wicked cold!