KINGBRITE Buyer Beware!

WARNING! You CAN’T return an item with Kingbrite! They want you to pay shipping AND import taxes. They say the fees will be more expensive than the price of the drivers, trying to discourage you from returning the items, on top of the original duty fees and shipping!

I bought $600 of stuff from Kingbrite and I got the wrong drivers. The drivers can’t even run the boards I bought in the SAME ORDER. I wasted my money and I can’t return the drivers.

To compare, Digikey will accept returns for only $8 CAD. Big difference with Kingbrite who wants you to pay hundreds of dollars for return shipping!

So if you order from Kingbrite make sure you understand that you could lose your money without being able to return the items. This business don’t care about their customers, and you realize it only when it’s too late.

OH, and Kingbrite will also force you to pay for their seller’s paypal fees. This is in direct violation of PayPal User Agreement (confirmed on PayPal website). SHADY AND ILLEGAL!

With Digikey there is NO expensive shipping, NO paypal fees, NO complicated returns. OH also Digikey will ship your order with FedEx 1-day compared to Kingbrite where shipping takes forever. Digikey service is SO much better!

is this an advertisement I wonder. :thinking::thinking:


haha no i don’t work for digikey I just want to share my buyer experience because I lost tons of money with Kingbrite

Tons of other great retailers everywhere like HLG etc

Just use Mouser and be happy!

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Hold on a minute. I have been doing business in China for 7 years and what you have described is standard Chinese business. Jerry is a stand up guy and delivers exactly what you ordered. I have had a couple of issues and I was always given the option of having a replacement sent in my next order free of charge. He has never tried to rip me or anybody else that I know of. So please next time your considering buying an item from China as yourself is it worth the extra savings for an item that going to cost more to return than its worth? As for me I go to James Co for my drivers however I do order 50 at a time.:+1:

Post your receipt of said purchase.

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