King sugar? Cbd laced? What I found while out in LA

Just got back home while visiting friends in LA. I was searching to buy Isolate for a buddy, but came across some $1000-1100/KG stunners.

First guy said he had what we needed, said he picks it up at a stack. I was curious until I was showed a sample jar and it looked pink.

Second shop, same thing. Not pink, $1100 to us, but at least this owner was truthful in response when we asked why so cheap and how so cheap… he said it was 50/50 cbda/THCa isolate.

I’m guessing we’ll have to independently lab test everything we grab now. Rush to the bottom has many out there doing what they have to do to stay alive. We did finally grab a good KG for $1500 with a $75 broker tax added on :man_shrugging:t2:

At the end of day, we were happy leaving but what a bunch of running around.


If its BM its likely its cut with CBD imo


If you paid 1500 for a single it is probably still cut, just not as bad

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Was thinking the same thing

How much should it go for if its not cut? in your opinion.

For a single? Probably closer to 2k+.

CA or? Just wonderin what people are seeing, i have seen a small increase on some products.

I heard ‘no way it’s possible to do for less than 1800 without cutting’ yesterday in LA.

Singles we sell for 2$, 10kg 1.85 and 100kg 1.50-1.65, and havent been able to keep enough product. Mostly because to find trim that yields right has been very difficult the last few months with trim prices being higher than normal. Its just starting to drop with early deps adding some supply on trim. The trim that has been like 40$ a lb still only been yielding 8% to thca so your at a dollar just in material cost and then add labor, consumables and MFG overhead it eats up all the profit. Not including the 280e taxes attributed to it.