Kief or Trim THC wash for distillation? And why?



Not arguing grading kief. Just saying that it is not scalable. I can tumble 50#'s per machine every 30min with an exchange time of 10min. When I say scalable I’m talking on a strictly commercial level trying to achieve the cleanest product in the shortest amount of time. On an average I am pulling 1 KG every 30min on the small machine. The multi screen process has it place, I even adopted part of this Tech in the unit I designed. Remember these are all tools we use to do a job, and even job is different.


Truuuue that. 50 pounds every 40 minutes is pretty hefty. Grading a kilo every hour would require multiple drum sized tumbling graders.

But there are very large scale processors who partake in clean, graded kief, like olio or the Greenery

If it exists there is a way to scale. difficult, expensive, or creative it still exists. Old, irrelevant or obsolete, there is still a market


If that’s something you are looking at betting into I have a manufacturer that can make that style of Shaker for you. They can actually make some large units with multiple screens.


You can modify one of these. It’s been done before.


Yes, correct. There is a company that sells them. It’s called the extraction contraption. :joy::joy::joy: makes me laugh every time I say it. They have one that you can run with CO2 and one with dry ice.


These guys mod a screen on the output, and toss dry ice while it tumbles. I seen it yrs and yrs ago.


I typically run 9lbs every hr. In a pollenex 1500 paid 400 buck for it. 5 of them would get you about 50lbs an hr


@square_root_pharms nice! And theres larger tumblers like the 4500


This is the one I’ve used. Again, the yields were abysmal when using dry ice in there. I suggest running frozen from through it. We got back 40% thc lab tested 4 years ago.


Interesting, do have to winterize you product after you hit it with the ethanol?


At the end of the day you have 60% of ??? After a 40% THC content test result. The out come here is just the right trichs as there are more than a few that the cannabis plant produces and at different microns.


The processor I was talking with confirmed he gets an average return of 12% from trim weight to distillate, using the kief method. Uses 1500 tumbler.


That 60% is the stalk the glandular head is attached to, mainly and plant matter.


Well there’s three types of trichs you would have in that mix along with plant matter. Bulbous Trichomes are the trichs you are missing in you 60% extra.


I’m only looking at what’s left over as the non-dissolved particles. Ie the sand. It wasn’t until the etho extraction I realized how much of the kief was “undesirables”. Having made hash before you could turn that 40% into super nice bubble hash.


This is what we are chasing with our system. We want to eliminate all of the extra bs that comes with traditional tumblers/sifters/shakers or whatever you want to call the contraptions that are out on the market. At the end of the day you get what you pay for just like in any other industry.


The only way I’ve been able to do that is with water washing and just using the 45, 73 and 90 micron bags to get the full melt. Can get 75-80% thc from that. But I’ve only got 8-12% yields from that.


Exactly, what we are trying to improve. We aim to keep yields up only extracting the cream from the flower. We are a commercial operation at the end of the day.


Good luck on that. That’s why I switched to running etho and trim/ bud. I feel my product is lighter in color going with trim aswell. All my kief runs turned super red, I’m realizing as I’m typing this though, that more has to do with incorrect spd parameters. With decent filtration and maybe a filter medium you should be able to get great results.


I feel you my bro, but at the end of the day Live solvent less product is going to fetch the highest market share.