Kief or Trim THC wash for distillation? And why?



Throw your kief in brine. Get your brine density correct and watch the plant (high density) drop to the bottom and the trichs(if there is enough terps present) will float. If i remember correctly you want brine at like 1.11-1.16. Wash with clean water to get the salt out then proceed. Theres a patent paper somewhere.

Lmk how it goes!


Maybe do the isolation in brine too?


If using keif as starting material why not dissolve in etoh and run in a molecular sieve like a Buchner funnel through sciliate and charcoal to remove undesirables then winterise to remove fats and lipids etc.


Huh? What is the relationship between molsieves and a Buchner? Or Silicate or carbon??


The idea for tumbling it the only Harvest the cream and leave everything behind. We are trying to eliminate processes not add to the sop and in that process eliminate solvents. Why add something you later have to remove?


Ain’t a buchner funnel a molecular seive in theory, i.e filtration through molecules of the similar size depending on filtration media i.e scilicate or carbon


No. Not if you want other folks to understand you.


One has macroscopic holes. One has microscopic pores


Sorry for the confusion, I’m refering to a buchner funnel or similar with an added bed of filtration media. Hopefully that makes better sense


Made bubble for a long time. Getting pure trichs through agitation only is something i gave up on 3 years in. Post agitation density separation is the wormhole i ended up at when I realized there are more vape carts sold in a month then bubble hash/kief/rosin grams sold all year.


To my understanding the more filteration before distillation the better. Less undesirables in your crude


I agree, you absolutely don’t want particulates in your wiped film, but folks deliberately add particulates to their SPD boiling flasks all the time.

However, it seems you’re not quite clear on micron vs angstrom scale, and you’re also conflating removal of undesirables via adsorbtion (physically binding) with filtration (getting stuck because the holes are too small).

Beaching clays and activated carbon do not perform their magic by removing particulates.


What’s your sop for crude before SPD? I’m new to this industry maybe thats seems ovbious by my comments. Admiteedily this is probably the wrong place to post but I seem to be missing a stage of filtration.
I’m currently washing at sub -40c then filter through a charcoal bed in a buchner funnel or nutsche filter


I ran unwinterized crude in my wiped film. Cleaned easily with avocado oil.


I get 12% dist from etho and trim now. Kiefing just added an unnecessary step I was happy to cut out. Best was 15% I think, I need to confirm when I get to my notes.


Cement mixers work great, I recommend getting the mixer with a plastic drum, not steel due to rust potential. I believe I got mine at Home Depot. It had a orange colored plastic drum. Non food grade, but it was relatively inexpensive. Side note: I use scuba diver gloves to handle the glacier ice and plant materiel. When cycling material. Good old bubble hash. If you have the budget there are “food grade” mixers.


Test results are hopefully gonna get the biggest market share. We all want to make clean and safe product, I assume.


Exactly, come next month it’s going to be another monster. Also once the bcc get momentum on cracking down on all the labs this will create a major bottle neck.