Kentucky (IN, TN, OH, WV...) Networking Thread

Great to meet so many members today at the GLG Ethos meetup in Lexington. Starting a regional thread to stay connected and follow into the future.

@MinkLoafs thanks again for hosting.

Roll call. Let’s collaborate and stay competitive.


Anyone get 90%+ or was I hyped up for the 86%?

How’s the equipment look?

Roll call from forum? :heart:


Yeah, whoever was there or in the area.

I ordered the trophy and it’ll only be presented for 90% and compliant. Soon I think…


I’d happily send you the weights to send with award.

Not a cheap thing to move around tho


Something tells me you’re well suited to move weights.


oh he moves weights alright

Lol I’m assuming he’s saying it would be better to drop ship them instead of once there and once to the winner :sweat_smile:

We missed you at the event but we will try and catch yah next time we are in town!


Haha, I’m in the picture right in front of you. Definitely get in touch when you’re in town next.


Nice meeting everyone!


Unfortunately I did not make the meetup, however Ohio local here!


TN glg/ethos meetup is soon :call_me_hand: who all is going?

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I had some guy stop by our booth at Vegas talking about a re-purposed Crown Iron Works Hexane plant running in midwest. would be 50,000-100,000 lbs per day. any of you aware of this site. Thought it was called North-Point or something

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I heard whispers about this maybe 18 months ago - might not be the same project but I mean…how many repurposed hexane plants are there?

No idea if the project got on its own two feet, and when I first heard about it CBD was dropping precipitously.

What is hemprise doing?

Sounds like the hippo facility in Michigan city Indiana. Used to be a wheat germ facility previously.

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Also sounds like Specialty Oil Extractors in South Carolina.

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As of the end of October they were still “opening later this year”


Edit: another gem from this article: the reason CBD prices are so low is because anybody with some ethanol and a washing machine can make it (paraphrased) :joy::joy:


Hemprise is owned by parent company Layn Corp. They are Chinese and based in Guangxi China. Pretty sure there’s been an influx of problems with Chinese infiltrating this community tryn to slang mass produced products and their goal is to knock Americans out of the market…sorry…NOT sorry…


So 17 months later… are they still opening “later this year”?

well quick search comes up with some news. Still doesn’t mean the facility is up and running. haven’t ever heard of anyone taking millions of lbs there etc.


@Induxlabs (I hope that’s the right account) is coming through! You guys should try to get an appointment!

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