Just got my hands on the Highten Sifter! Need some tips

Hey everyone,

Rookie hash maker here! I’m used to running bubble washes but this Highten Sifter is my first step into dry-sifting. I bumped into these guys at CannaCon in Chicago and it definitely sparked my interest. After a few runs with this machine all I can say is that I’M IN LOVE WITH IT! The thing is an absolute workhorse for only $420; and really makes the process seem fairly simple with their sifter screen set.

My only question is- for older material how do I maximize the purity of my resin?


do u have a link or sumn to this cuz fuck I’ve wanted sumn like this forever n didn’t wanna drop the money onna tumbler lol… and the screens what all micron sizes are there and are they mesh or steel wire mesh?
shit looks sooo legit tho! n how much material can this hold at once roighly??

but as far as ur question goes w the older material, the best thing I could say is to give the material a good re hydrating to help cut down on the contamination from dried plant matter. but working w older material especially when sifting is gonna be a bitch nna half. cuz all that dried plant material breaks up suuuuper easy n contaminates ur yield. so maybe toss a bovida pack in w whatever u wanna work like a day or so before hand, other than that just try to use the freshest material u can.

!!! That makes a lot of sense! I’ll toss a few bovedas in my bag and see what happens. But their website is www.hightensifter.com. I believe the sifters are made of stainless steel and I’ve only tossed an 1-2 ounces in so far! The machine comes with a 225 and the tray set includes 150, 125, 95 and 70. I’m gonna try and throw some parchment paper ontop of the kief and run it. Maybe I can get some static going to help further purify it.

But let me know if you have any more questions!

Yeah use dry ice to freeze the material before sifting

if you use dry ice will be more leaf in your sift.

is a cool machine. i made a larger home made
model. still got 1 bug to work out. makes a lot
of noise. nice to see someone is making a dry
sift machine now. that is not a drum tumbler.

This feels like an ad


Freeze the Material before sifting, and sift in the Fridge/Freezer, the cold temps will help making the glandular trichrome stalk more brittle. also, as this is a 250um screen, it may be desirable to re sift into several micron grades, similar to bubble bags. 250um is the work bag, everything that falls thru it is a keif that will range in potency of 25%-75%, but resifting it will help remove the plant material, glandular hairs and isolate the gland heads into premium (45um-150um) grades and less desirable >25um and <150um grades that can be used in infusions, rosin, ect.
cool tech, and great deal for home processing, though there’s better vibratory sieves out their for separating the glands into individual micron ranges (see rotap, kason or Gilson) for commercial production