Jupiter ccells not absorbing terps compared to bbtank bcc2

So I used to use the brand bbtank, model bcc2 for our 1 gram cartridges.
But we had a bunch of complaints that cartridges were clogging 2/3rds of the way thru. (No airflow randomly, and oil coming out the mouth tip)
So we decided to switch to the brand jupiter and use their glass ccell cartridge I believe it’s the th02 or something.

What I’ve noticed is we need to use a lot more terps with the Jupiter carts to see the same taste we had in the bbtanks.
When we started using the ratios we used with the bbtanks we noticed the Jupiter carts had no flavour. Any idea why the Jupiter tanks need more terps to have the same taste ?
Am I the only person who has noticed this? Any and all help appreciated:)

That sucks. I was really hoping to use BBTank.

What ratios are you using? I’m currently using 7% terps on the bcc-3 and it can clog the carts on the non-button batteries.

I was wondering if you, or anyone else ever tried the iKrusher CCell clone 1ml? How do they work? what ratios are you using?

I fill ccell carts with live resin sauce and they never clog. They won’t even clog with crystals refining in the carts.

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That thread has answers for you

The Evolution cartridges work well for higher viscosity oils, less clogging issues and no metal in the build.