July A2C Equipment Solutions | Online Timed Cannabis & Hemp Equipment Ending 7/17/24

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Extraction & Processing Lots:

-Used The Myers Centrifugal Molecular Still. Model Macro-36

-Used Custom Built 1.8 SqFt 6" Stainless Steel Wiped Film Evaporator System

-Used Delta Separations CUP 30 Extraction System w/ Perma Cool Chiller. Model CUP 30

-Used Precision Stainless X10 Hydrocarbon Extractor. Model X10.

-New 600 Liter Crystallization Reactor System

-Used Capna Systems Cryo-Ethanol Extractor. Model Ethos 6.

-Used CES Colorado Extraction Systems Dual Column SprayVap / FFE Unit. Model SV70

-Used 5-gallon Tincture Press & (1) Branson Ultra Mechanical Sonic LCeaner. Model M3800

Packaging & Post-Production Lots:

-Enbloc Capping Packaging & Labeling Line.

-Used-Green Vault Systems Precision Batcher Model Precision Batcher GVS 101 Mezzanine

-Used Torpac Encapsulator / Capsule Filling Systems. Model ProFiller 3700.

-Used Sorting Robotics Jiko Automated Pre-Roll Infusion Robot. Model Jiko 1.0

Chiller, Heater, & Recirculator Lots:

-Used Huber Unistat 815 Dynamic Temperature Control System. Unistat 815.

-New/Unused Julabo Presto A80 2-Stage Process Circulator System. Model A80

Laboratory Lots:

-Used Cascade Sciences Vacuum Oven w/ Labconco -50 Cold Trap & Agilent IDP15 dry scroll. Model CV05.

-Used Microfluidics Microfluidizer Processor. Model M-110L

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BIDDING ENDS 7/17//24 @ 9:45 PST/ 12:45 EST - SIGN UP TO BID HERE

More Lots in A2C Auction Ending July 17th, 2024 ! - SIGN UP TO BID HERE

-New/Unused- Agilent Analytical HPLC System, Model 1220 Infinity II LC System.

-Used Agilent Gas Chromatography System w/ GC Headspace Unit & Laboratory Hydrogen Generator. Model HP 6850.

-Used- Delta Separations CUP-15 Ethanol Alcohol Extraction System. Model CUP 15

-Used Delta Separations Direct Inline Chiller for Ethanol Alcohol Extraction. Model DC-40

-New/Unused Labconco 8L Freeze Dryer System w/ Leybold Sogevac Neo D Vacuum Pump. Model FDry-8L

-Used Apeks “Transformer” 2000 PSI Supercritical CO2 Extractor. Model “Transformer” 2000x20Lx5L

-New/Unused MRX 6" Falling Film Evaporator. Model MRX FF-640

-Used Yarndi Studio 54 Custom Built C1D1 Booth 7’ x 14’ C1D1 Booth w/ Active Gas Detection

-Used HAL Extraction 55 SqFt Walk-In Solvent Vent Booth with Fire Suppression & Solvent Monitoring + Contents. Model 55 H

-Used Aesus Ecowrap 152E Labelling Machine, Heat Shrink Conveyor, & Accumulation Table. Model 152E

-Lot of (15,000) O2 Vape Ceramic Cartridges (Black)

-Lot of (1) Used Across International Rotary Evaporator. Model SE-53 & (3) Used Across International 10 L Rotary Evaporators. Model SE26 w/ Supporting Units

-Used Buchi Rotavapor. Model R-100

-New/Unused Agilent Diffusion Pump. Model AX-65

-Used Cascade Sciences Decarb Vacuum Oven. Model CDO-5

BIDDING ENDS 7/17//24 @ 9:45 PST/ 12:45 EST - SIGN UP TO BID HERE

Does any of the equipment that isn’t sold in the auction get put up for sale elsewhere?

I tend not to mess with the auction/bidding format. By the time everyone bids against each other the deals sort of stop being very sweet (which of course is great for the seller/auctioneer…but not for a guy looking for sick/rad/dope equipment deals). Does unsold stuff just roll into the next auction or does it just go posted for fire sale somewhere?

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Depends. Sometimes the seller may choose to re-list the items or seek other methods of selling them if they go unsold. I’ve bought and sold lots of equipment this way, generally a great way to get a good deal (though there is always some risk, auctions are usually as-is, but it’s why the deals can be found). Andy’s a great guy though, A+ to do business with.



If you are seeing an item for a second time it is for one of the following 4 reasons:

  1. The seller has multiple of a certain item and has chosen to sell one at a time to either get the highest price per item or they are slowly decommissioning and are selling as they wind down production

  2. Sometimes buyers buy stuff and then before they ship it to themselves, they decide they need to sell it as they no longer need it or do not want to pay the shipping. (I had a guy two months ago win a booth at auction, pay for it, got it shipped to his place and then discovered it was too large for his place and he wanted to sell it again. and YES, the dimensions were in the description before he bought it)

  3. The item went unpaid for in a previous auction. If that is the case, the bidder who won the item is banned from all future a2c auctions and it is first offered to the next highest bidder directly although we try to stay away from doing that.

  4. Believe it or not, at least 1 sale per month never gets picked up. This ranges from small value items to large. Its bizarre but sometimes people just disappear off the face of the earth and don’t answer calls for 90+ days at which point sometimes, contractually, we have no choice but to re-list it

To be very frank with you, @eyeworm, there is a lot of bad actors in this industry and I have found that this format works the best for both buyers and sellers. It also helps me show sellers that their reserve prices are to high. (that way in their second auction their reserve price is more in tune with what the market is willing to pay)

All this being said, out of the 150 lots in each auction every month only 10-20 of them are repeats from the previous auction. I am often accused of running the same stuff twice in some effort to be underhanded and scheming but for the reasons above and myriad of others, it happens all the time. We do sell a lot of equipment and I am sure there are some buyers who will read this and confirm. I try to do my best by everyone.

*** A good way to think about it is that the auction never actually ends, it just keeps rolling and I have at least 100 new items to add each month

I’d be more than happy to discuss this and anything else you have questions to over the phone just message me privately.


Thank you @Mr.Clean for the support and praise. You are wonderful to work with as well!

Bidding Ends One Week From Today July 17th, 2024 - More Inventory Added Everyday! - SIGN UP TO BID HERE

-Used Short Path Distillation Kit, Turn-Key Package

-Used Lab Society G3 Dual Condenser 20L Short Path. Model 20L G3

-Lot of (300) Gavita PRO 270 LEP SUP Industrial Grow Lights. Model Pro 270

-Used Xylem Technologies Fully Automatic Vape Filling & Capping Machine. Model Mark 1 SY1301910AY01.

-Lot of (1500) ChemTech Trays. Model Number: 600208

-Used Mobius MBX Bucker. Model MBX Bucker.

-Used Hippo No. 1 Hammer Mill 10 HP w/ Air Conveyor. Model Hippo #1

-Used 0.5 HP Ross S/S Hi-Speed Lab Mixer/Emulsifier. Model ME-100L.

-Used Ross 1.5HP 100 Series High Shear Mixer . Model HSM 101

-Lot of (5) Vacuum Filter Units w/ Columns. (4) Model HVF-50. Last one Unknown

Bidding Ends July 17th, 2024 - More Inventory Added Everyday! - SIGN UP TO BID HERE

More Lots Added Today - SIGN UP TO BID HERE

-Lot of (4) NEW Xiros MMikro Freeze Dryer w/ Updated Software & Updated Seal. Model Xiros Mikro V1.1

-Used- USA LAB 20L Jacketed Stainless Steel Centrifuge, Model XTC-20.

-Used BVV 50L Glass Reactor w/ Speed Controller. Model 50L

-Used- Fritsch International High Speed Cutting Mill. Model Pulverisette 19. As is Where is.

-Used STM Mini-RocketBox PLUS+ Commercial Pre-Roll cone Filling Machine.

-New/Unused STM LaunchPad Weighing Module / Scale. Model WM 1.0

-Lot of (1) Used Convectium 710 Shark Oil Filling Machine Model 710 Shark v8.0 & (1) 710 Captain Cartridge Capper

-Lot of (4) New/ Original Packaging Holland Green Science 20L Rotary Evaporator Model Alchemist

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Late Thursday Additions. More on the way! - SIGN UP TO BID HERE

-Used Twister T4 Trimmer. Model T4.

-Lot of (2) Kilmarnock Enterprise Tweed Custom Made Grinders

-New/Unused Wet / Dry Grain Feed Mill Grinder Model Grain Mill 150

-Used GreenBroz Dry Trimmer. Model 420

-Used High-Tech Whip Shredder. Model: SH-110

-Used Apeks High Output Supercritical CO2 Extraction System w/ (2) Chillers, Air Compressor Skid. Model “The Duplex”

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Happy Friday! Additional FEATURED Items Added Below - SIGN UP TO BID HERE

FEATURED LOT: Used Refurbished MEP 30 Closed Loop Hydrocarbon Extraction System w/ Dual Pump Turbo Kit, (2) MTA Units & (1) Jacketed ASME Solvent Tank. Model MEP 30

-Used Gongyi Guoxin Machinery CBD Extraction Machinery. As is Where is.

-Used Gongyi Guoxin Machinery, GX Drying Mill, Model FS-800. As is Where is.

-Used Gongyi Guoxin Processing System w/ Cyclone Separator, Mill, & Incline Belt Conveyor + More.

-Used Grinder. Model ZSY280


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Happy Monday! A few more PREMIUM Lots Added. Don’t forget to PLACE YOUR BIDS HERE!


-Used Illuminated Extractors Behemoth Pro Extractor w/ Solvent Recovery:GD-1 Gas Distillation System. Model Behemoth Pro

-Lot of (4) Harvestright Home Pro Freeze Dryers w/ Vacuum Pumps. Model HRFD-PLrg-SS-Phar

-New/Unused Julabo Ultra-low Refrigerated/Heating & Cooling Circulator. Model FP50-HE

-New/Unused Precision Extraction ASME XMOD 280 L Solvent Tank.


Arggg that behemoth is NICE
Any options for international buyer s??
Pakkaging and sending to overseas ??

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@Roguelab Yes Absolutely! Message me privately to discuss details

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