Julabo FP89

Hello, I’ve been running a FP89 Julabo circulating chiller on a PXP closed looped system. Is there any reason why my chiller just wont cool down? Even just on fills?

Tell us more about the specifics.

What temp is it at
What temp do u want it at

What has changed since it worked last time/ is this a new chiller?



does it power on?
change temp?

have you called the manufacturer or read the fine manual?

if it powers on and goes through the motions, then you’ve lost your refrigerant and should contact the manufacturer for warrantee repair, or figure out which minion put a hole in it.


Is it plugged in? Is the valve open lol


Im assuming youre using the fp89 to replace dry ice? If youre trying to reach dry ice/aclohol slurry temps, the fp89 will only hold .2 kw @ -80 degrees cell, which isn’t very strong and is usually the case with most chillers people use instead of dry ice.

Only thing you can do is try to lessen the load on the chiller, but its not going to have much chilling power with the lower temps you try to reach.


So I’ve been struggling with these things for a while now my normal run set points are -80c. Two of my units have been sent back to Julabo for maintenance with nothing crazy coming up. Ambient room temperature is around 76F. Some of the units will run fine one day and then the next day just get no where close to the set point desired.

I’m using the FP89 to cool my Hydrocarbons in my solvent vessel. Do you have any recommendations for larger chillers that may be of better use for this facility?

I usually recommend Hubers depending on the volume.

How large is your solvent vessel? Are you trying to chill the jacket or the coil?

We had to send ours back and it came back with a failed solenoid. I replaced the solenoid and it would get to -65° and then after a few weeks, it would struggle to get to -60. We’ve added a heat exchanger after the chiller and before the solvent tank. That has been a huge help, but it involves an additional column and chiller… if you have a better solution, I’d love to hear it.

A better chiller

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I have that same system and you would have to use like an fpw91-SL or something stronger. Look into Huber as well.

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