Job Opportunities

I have multiple clients looking to staff all sorts of employees.

Current openings in

Southern California
Southern Colorado

Shoot me your resume, be sure to include references


Im still looking for a legal job in socal dont forget about me!! :sob::sob::sob:


Where in SoCal? I’m in San Diego looking for work

Are any entry level, looking to move. Where do I send the resume? Thank you


Same. Any luck? Just have knowledge from a ERS fractional distillation class & looking to build from there.


I have nice girl who has PhD in organic Chemistry looking for job. I put her in touch with buddy of mine, but he has been very very slow to respond and I would like to see someone else can help her out.

She’s willing to relocate from the windy city

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Any current leads in Missouri? Looking to relocate there if possible. Have a ton of experience growing and running a closed loop here in Colorado . Resume and references when needed . Trained to do distillate from a director of a lab , but no commercial runs only small stuff.

I doubt it, but are there any openings in the soCal area still?

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Second this lol could always use another client & some more work. @Future


lol forreal

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We are looking in Utah, too!

Sent my information, I have legal experience with reputable companies. I’m willing to do hemp but prefer live resin/high end production.



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do you have an email address to send resumes?

Anything finance / legal related? I live in NYC but I’m looking for work experience on the West Coast.
Also interested in working in a lab if possible. this might be more difficult because training a noob is a whole other investment.

What I lack in experience I make up for with curiosity/ the desire to learn.

Where can I send you a resume, future?

Does the opportunity still stand?

People post your resumes on the site, there’s a space for it. Put on the title what position and what state your looking for. In the body put the salary your looking for and a little background about yourself