Is anybody familiar with this stuff?

I have been reading that when used during flowering, it will increase trichome production.


I just read the same when looking it up. I might try it next grow.

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From my reading, it appears that in nature jasmonate is released by a plant when it is stressed, or under attack. The chemical wafts around to nearby plants, causing them to go into defensive mode.

In cannabis, this defense response results in an increased resin production. Increased resin production occurs in the entire plant, but particularly in the trichomes. Some sources report around 30-40% increase in trichomes

I also read that it is used with gibberellin. I have used that in the past, it promotes active growth, particular increasing internodal distance (stems get long between leaf clusters)



This abstract seems to confirm that trichome production is affected by Methyl Jasmonate.

Other sources indicate that the compound is used in micro-molar concentrations. It is introduced only during the flowering phase. Good thing too, Sigma-Aldrich sells it for $125.00 for just 25ml

The abstract said that height and biomass were affected, but they also used milli-molar concentrations, significantly stronger than recommended for cannabis.

That might explain the gibberellin, add it to counter the stunting. Without it, you might get short fat greasy buds (hey, who you callin greasy?), instead of long and lovely buds.


Apparently, this stuff contains jasmonate. That 32 ounce bottle should cost around $33.00.

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I use Jaz. It can work well when timed appropriately. Be careful with it cus it can also cause herms. A little goes a long way. I foliar feed it.


I have not been able to specifically identify the compounds used in this stuff.

Ive read that jasmonic acid is the chemical that triggers the flowering response in other plants. I’ve also ready that sagebrush produces more jasmonic acid than any other plant except some varies of jasmine.

Might be worthwhile to grow some directly inside your greenhouse.

When cannabis flowering time comes, stress the jasmonate producers, all the cannabis will be affected, especially the closest plants.

No need for additional chemicals, just some additional plants. Depending on exactly which jasmonate producers you use, how you spread them around, how you stress them and for how long, you might be able to manipulate the cannabis plant’s resin composition. It may be possible to biologically manipulate the surrounding plants, to increase natural production of specific cannabinoid compounds

From what I’ve read on the subject, when a sagebrush plant thinks it’s going to die soon it starts to leak large volumes of jasmonic acid. A timed drought stress on a couple sagebrush plants placed strategically in the garden is one way to gain the benefits of jasmonic acid and methyl jasmonate. (Sagebrush produces both in large quantities.)

In fact, you will often find sagebrush plants in wine grape vineyards. This is due to the ffect the jasmonic acid has on phenol production in the case of grape vines.

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