Japan-legal CBD?

Anyone currently exporting CBD to Japan? Or anyone on that side importing? We’re wanting to finally make the move to Tokyo and looking at possible business ventures and CBD products are at the top of the list. I know from looking in the past that it needs to be from seed and stem and be 100% t-free.


If I recall correctly, Isolate and lie… seemed to be the consensus the last few times this was explored…but maybe I’m mis-remembering Search results for 'Japan cbd' - Future4200


I have a picture of a huge pile of stems for sale. I seem to remember the last person asking for this


Its 100% legal as long you are within the THC legal limit. The process can be complicated but really just need to know how to communicate with customs and ministry of Health. I’ve started CBD in Japan 2 years now, while slow down a bit but still going.


We have a license to import into Japan, isolate is going for quite a bit over there. Takes around 18months from what I understand to go through the Health Ministry now.


My last shipment of isolate in July, 2020 took less than a week to clear customs, I will double check with my JP partner. As far as I know, customs and ministry of health does not give applicable license to importer/s, you submit all the documents for each shipment including samples. And I have manage to send over 15 shipments last few years.

We had to go through a complete audit process with the Health Ministry and their DEA. Not sure if its technically considered a license, if not something very similar. It took 6 months, maybe my data is outdated this was a year ago.

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Talked to my partner in Japan, and everything as usual, as long the documentations are in place, shouldn’t take more than a week to clear after shipment arrives, and that goes for all CBD infused goods.


Then all you have to do is lie and say your CBD came from stems and roots?!?

Or be really lazy about cleaning the calyxes from the seeds you’re processing.

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We had to prove we could do it from stalks… In our submission. We have a huge distribution deal though, so it was very closely worked through with Health Japan. They also had to go through every ingredient in our product and approve.

It was not a straight forward process, we are negotiating the last ingredient currently.

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Damn they are really strict with you. I get zero hassles every time .

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Well we are also sending finished goods, and the scale of it caused us deal with a bunch of red tape.

I know a Japanese consultant that can help navigate the process if anyone needs the help.


I have zero problems with my guy no matter the amount.