jacketed or sleeved dewaxing.

So currently a 6 x 48 jacketed spool is $50 cheaper than a 6 x 48 sleeved spool. I’m already planning on building a jacketed collection/evaporator so here is my question.

is it worth buying the jacketed spool and trying to get it cold enough with a coil and slurry until i can afford a chiller or should i just stick with a sleeved design i pack with dry ice?

EDIT: obvious number typo

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I should add my goal is to eventually go all jacketed and skip dry ice. I am building the evaporator/collection jacketed spool “12 x 12” with a jacketed reducer bottom to a hose and sauce server or whatever each company wants to call the toggle trigger gun. Dry ice is cheap ($0.40 or less)and readily available 24/7 so it’s really not a issue I just think jacketed makes the most sense long term.


If you have the money for chillers then do jacketed everything. Just use dry ice on your coils.

Coming from the guy who uses dry ice on everything.


You can also run liquid co2 thru a jacketed column, so it gets my vote.


I don’t think it’s that simple. Id run a fluid unless you know 100% the jacket can handle a liquified gas like co2 safely.


Do not recommend just simply running co2 through a jacket! It’s a complicated process that has been discuss throughly on the forum. Let’s not forgot the columns that bizzy had collapsed (operator error our not) it’s a dangerous process


My say is go sleeved unless you want to shell out the big coin on a low temp chiller, columns are cheap in the long run so buying another won’t be a detriment


Wasn’t suggesting he go and simply run liquid co2, certainly an option with proper equipment.

Absolutely! Just trying to look after the fam so somebody does not just go hook
Up a high pressure Lco2 tank and think they can just use it


You can use the ghetto chiller method. A pump in the dry ice slurry that recirculates into the jackets for now


I have always had issues with getting the pump to move the fluid since it’s essentially carbonated

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You have to use a double pot method. A pot of your recirculation liquid sits in your boiling pot.

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Yeah my fault I was not very specific at all.

This is the tek i was specifically speaking to as interm until i could get a chiller in the future. double bucket with outside bucket containing di slrurry and the pump going through a large coil in a slurry. will this get a column -40 within reasonable time?

this seems like it would be easier to manage and use less di than packing sleeves anyways.

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I’ve never had to do it but I remember reading a lot of people had it work fine… do some searching here on DIY / ghetto di chiller. I honestly don’t know if a coil would be necessary, if you had a cooler full of DI and a stainless pot with a transfer fluid in should stay cold enough. Coil wouldn’t hurt though.


I think a pump in a insulated res with transfer fluid and coil in dry ice + alcohol would be more efficient, I despise the thought of a bucket in a bucket the heat transfer would be horrible


another trick you can perform with a jacket and not a sleeve is pulling a vacuum on it and using it for insulation!

really only relevant if you’re planning on soaking, which I’m not fan of, but figured in needed pointed out.


I’n not sure about liquid CO2 but I’ve run ln2 trough a jacketed solvent tank and the dewax spool jacket, I’m fairly sure that both of them have stress fractures from the speed at which they were cooled. I’m headed to the site to test properly tomorrow. Point being: be careful with cryo temps!

NOTE: This is not my cls or my tek, just took over operation for friends who are busy with other projects… turning out to be quite a shit show so far. :grimacing: