Jacketed glass reactor available in stock in LA,Who can pick up?

Item Model/Manufacturer:100L Glass reactor with jacket
Description:For reaction, extraction, crystallization, decarburization, etc.Chiller and heater are provided for use together!
Price/MSRP: $3900
Current location of item:US
Estimated lead time: 1-2Days
Fulfillment: Drop shipped / Direct from seller
User support / Warranty: One year

Emai, sara@korayinstrument.com
Whatsapp, 86 17839983630

Crystallization reactors are available in stock in LA, providing turnkey solutions for chillers or heaters

Order Jacketed Glass Reactor, Complimentary Insulation Jacket, Contact Me for Details

The 100 L Jacketed glass reactor is made of full-body high borosilicate glass and PTFE pulp board. People who have used it before are very satisfied. Now four of them are at a big discount in the LA warehouse. The original price is $4750, some are $4200, and the lowest price is $3900. If you just need it to work, it is a good time to purchase.And it comes with a warranty!

The last four units 100L Jacketed glass reactors are available for order in LA!

The last two 100 L glass reactors can be ordered at discounted prices!
Emai, sara@korayinstrument.com
Whatsapp, 86 17839983630

The 50L reactor is sold out.You can choose 100L.

A new batch of 50L is coming to LA, welcome to order!

The last 100L reactor is available

100L crystallization reactor, which can be used for decarburization, crystallization, extraction, and filtration reactions. It is available in stock in LA.
Emai, sara@korayinstrument.com
Whatsapp, 86 17839983630

Crystallization reactor 50L, one unit
100L, four units

The new glass reactors 50L and 100L have arrived at the LA warehouse.
You can get a discount of $550-850.
Email, sara@korayinstrument.com
Whatsapp, 86 17839983630