Jacketed Columns & LN2

Hi everyone,

I can’t seem to find anything regarding LN2 and jacketed columns. I’ve never worked with them before but would like to upgrade > dry ice & sleeves. I’ve looked into chillers but the entry price & power consumption to chill down to a theoretical -40 isnt exactly appealing.

  • Is it possible to use LN2 with these jackets? Circulate through dewer and column?

My issue is how quickly dry ice sublimes… and the availability of it in my area.

Perhaps there is another solution im not seeing?



Think I found my answer.

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As long as your jacket is open you will not have a problem. If you plan on using this in a closed system it will need a pressure relief valve as the LN2 will constantly be evaporating and building pressure.


If you keep at least 100psi in your jackets you can run liquid Co2 from a dewar. You need to regulate the pressure with a liquid/gas regulator to keep a steady pressure from the dewar.

I’ve just heard of stories with CO2 creating dry ice in the input/output leading to a pressure buildup. Seems like too much of a risk for my liking.

Going back to the good ole dryice/iso method… I read a post on Summit about using goretex sleeves. Haven’t been able to find any resources for it past that post though.

“We suggest using goretex sleeves because you can dump and reuse 100% of the dry ice and utilize the chilling effect while its needed, and then remove it, while its not needed, and also save your dry ice.”

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Won’t butane freeze at LN2 temperatures?

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Close @ -140c.

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If its a constant flow it will freeze butane, at -138C.

LN2/iso bath in your jacket. Control temp by flow rate.

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