ITerps, Ikrusher terp lineup, how do they compare

Has anyone tried ITerps lineup? How do they compare flavour wise and also price wise compared to other brands of non-cannabis derived terpenes like mass terpenes

I thought mass terpenes was offered hemp based terps, I’ll look now

iTerps are analytic grade terpenes, so the highest available grade for botanical terpenes. They’re also organically sourced and GMO free. They’re comprised of over 50+ terpene isolates per blend.

Price is very competitive at $20/5ml bottle if you order through a sales rep, or $24.99/5ml through the website. I’m biased because I work at iKrusher but all of the flavors I’ve tried were on point. I’ve sold a few thousand dollars worth of iTerps with no complaints from my customers either. Just everyone commenting on how flavorful they are and at such a competitive price.

Floraplex for comparison charges $19.99 for 2ml.

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@connor_the_cart_guy May I suggest you put more tasting notes on the site? I just checked it out and compared to floraplex or pretty much any other there is really a lack of info as to what terpenes are in any of these blends and what they even taste like. This sort of information will go a long way in convincing people like me that it’s worth trying your products. Putting money towards a partially unknown product is one thing, but you’re not only not telling us what’s in it, you’re not telling us what the experience will be with any of the flavours. TBH I dont think most people here would consider buying them without a lot more information on them. Technical data sheets would be respected and appreciated. The way floraplex does it does not reveal the exact formula but give an idea of what to expect. For instance, I try to avoid blends with high limonene content because of their harshness, how would I know which blends to buy from iterps just by looking at the website? Not trying to be rude, you have a respected cart company, I’m sure your terpenes could be much more successful if you followed that sort of customer service that floraplex and other more popular terp companies currently employ


Floraplex is 29.99 for 5ml then you get future4200 discount for comparison


… for comparison …

I used iTerps on my last order. I do a lot of ‘flavors’ for my customers, so things non-strain based. iTerps provides some decent flavors like Captain Crunch, Fruity Pebbles and Sour Patch Kids. I have given feedback to my sales rep on a few mixes that were pretty weak though, like Grape and Gelato.

The prices are on point though. And they are less harsh than most botanical mixes I have tried.

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Are people on here actually buying 5 ml at a time? $5 per milliliter seems pretty crazy

$3/g from my rep. I do buy 5g bottles right now because I purchase per order right now.

Let’s do a comparison by the website, here’s floraplex for 5ml shipped with future4200 discount

Here’s iTerps for 5ml shipped

So what you’d really like to highlight is your free shipping on any size order? The @FloraplexTerpenes example you posted is accurate yes. Like @square_root_pharms mentioned, there aren’t many of us buying 5ml at a time, especially just 1… so here’s a better comparison.

So we’re talking at your largest option a price of 3.20/ml where @FloraplexTerpenes is offering them in that range already for 2.80/g. Then let’s just go big…

First bulk option, 4oz, 2.67/g. Largest bulk option, puts their strain blends well below $1/g.

You wanna throw up a coupon code and shake things up? I’ll eat my words happily :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I typically buy 3 or 4 1oz bottles at a time now I’m moving up to 3 or 4 4oz bottles at a time. No one is even in the realm of floraplex pricing over 1oz bottles that I know of. The iterps look to max out at 25ml and at 25ml still pricier than floraplex

its definitely not for everyone but you can get 16 flavors totaling 1 gallon of terpenes for 3k

thats $0.79 per ml