Issues with spicy taste and smell

So I’ve been coming across this issue with some of our finished sugar diamonds.
When you take a dab you can already smell something off putting and the taste isn’t completely spicy but it’s not good.

We use the same trim for each run. But sometimes there will be a bad column and we’ll have this issue the finished good.

Could it be the media or something with the filtration?
Any help is appreciated.

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Are you reusing your media?

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It’s been a while but back in the day, I was served up some spicy dabs. People would laugh at me calling it spicy but it was just a way to say it was disgusting even though it did actually taste zesty. That material was just bunk biomass and probably carried over some sprayed oils.

When you mention it only being every once in a while from the same material that really throws me off as personally I don’t see any of the available media products on the market causing ill taste to occur especially 1 out of 4 times.

No we’re not reusing the media.
I make sure my guys are packing fresh ones

We know this grow isn’t doing any sulfur burns or anything like that in their crops. We’ve already ran their stuff before and never had this issue. It’s only
Started recently and at another lab that uses the same trim. But with them it’s more consistent then with us.

Yeah once in a while like for instance when I was
Doing QC. From one column out of the 4 trays that were poured it only was noticeable on that last tray.

I even threw the tray back into the oven at 90° And pulled a deep vac for 4 days and it was still noticeable.

So because it only happened with the last tray I was thinking it could be the media. We’re using either b80 or perform

Try a run with no media at all and see what it tastes like.

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I’ll get back to you on this.