ISO Toll Extraction/processing labs in Mass / Rhode Island

Hi I’m not sure where to post this but I’m looking for an extract company, someone local to eastern Mass / Rhode Island area. Interested i in processing my trim into distillate and sauce/ diamonds. I’m a Mmp.

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Turn it into dewaxed RSO and sell it for 8-10/g to edible makers

How much do you have.

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I adjusted your title a bit to be more clear, it should help you get more interest.


That a good idea, thanks for the help. I know 1 person that makes edibles in a quantity in the area and they’ve using Bho shatter From my prior runs. I’ll ask them about using rso. But as of now I don’t have anyone to produce the rso. My regular shatter/ concentrate guy is mainly focusing on rosin and hash at the moment unfortunately. Not too much material, About 1 15 gal trash bag very month.

I appreciate that I wasn’t exactly sure on how to word it.

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Thats the thing you make the RSO and make more $$ and gain knowledge and power