ISO TFree Contract

I am sourcing buyers for TFree CBD Disty. I have 400+ kgs on the floor ready to ship. Hit me up and let’s make a deal. Text at my what’s app 5034400952

I hit u on what’s app
817 number

What percent of THC would you consider TFree or undetectable by your stamdards?

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For what it’s worth. I do know the value of my product. But I’m not going to race to the bottom. I see folks burning Disty out at 2000$. I’m not hating just saying. It’s up to us to hold some value in our products. I can sell all of my stuff for 2k also, but I don’t want to kill the market either.


I have the ability to make it compliant or on detect. My lab guys can add minors if so desired. Give us a formula and we can get there. (For the most part) :wink:

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