ISO Someone who fills carts in Los Angeles..Anyone have a 50Shot I can rent?

I recently purchased a liter of THC Distillate and was going to flip it … Well the deal fell thru, now i’m stuck with it… I wanna get it in some carts…

I’m willing to rent a 50shot machine if someone has one… Shown on this site below.

Get a job


Haha, already got a few of those…

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Just joking around. I have an old 50 shot you can have. Dm me and pay shipping and its yours


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Shit. Im not up with the new system. How do i change that?

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I gave you the spoon. Further dig you must.

Fixed it. Thanks for the heads up

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What do you mean by this? Before you go to town on peoples non encrypted messages? Sure sounds like you are insinuating that you are about to hack peoples messages.