ISO Smokeable Hemp Flowers

Hey all,
I’m looking for a smokeable hemp flower provider. I would like to start with a pound and go from there. Please respond here or reach out via text 4807409792.

Thanks in advance


I’ll take one too

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I’ll let you know what I find

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Found it thank you @CBDHempire


Whats up?

I was trying to tag you in response to @Intergalactic’s request for a pound as well

Looking for a pound of heady hemp aswell. Ordered some a while ago and still waiting. Really looking for some sour space candy or something with a good nose. @OctoArm @CBDHempire @colombiabeneficial

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Our special sauce has an amazing nose

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How much for the unit ?

1? $350


Otherwise if you wanted less you can order off of under the HQO brand

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Paypal ? Also thats trimmed I assume ?

You have to become verified to sell anything on here

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Anyone looking to trade some flower for distillate ?

I have some indoor sweeten for sale
Grown 100% with 1000w DE bulbs.


How much for a single pound? Just trying to roll some fatties. I really just want fresh, even if it’s not fully cured yet. If anyone is actively curing flowers and wants to send out a single LB DM me. <0.3% thc of course

I would be interested in trying one out. Good to see some people taking the time to sell smaller amounts on here

These lbs are $1100 plush shipping.
Text me if you want more info 828-747-9608

Yeesh. Not gonna lie that’s the highest price I’ve ever heard