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Hi there!

I am looking for remote job opportunities. I have an MBA in Marketing and Project Management and have been in the Cannabis/Hemp space for about a year. Not looking to relocate my family, so I am looking for something remote.

You may look me up on Linkedin “Aryn Pipkin”, although much of my hemp experience is not on there, due to my current job (not in the industry). Currently I have been working with labs and farms direct buying and selling. I don’t think you could find a more determined person!

I would love to hear about any opportunities, flexible hours preferred.

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Maybe to help yourself land gigs provide pictures of your previous marketing work. Most people who work in the lab doesn’t want to be bother how to make professional pitches or try to sell themselves other than show there gear. There’s levels to this. I remember a month ago i wrote up a pitch that i thought was badass. This took me all night to finish. A fellow forum member and now good friend of mine was at my house doing another one for himself. He did it in a couple of hours. It was comparing scribble scratch to shakesphere. (Would state his name but i don’t want your thread to get hijacked :grin:) so i know there is a need for it but you have to show why it’s worth having somebody like you to do this.


There are a lot of “marketing” people like her in hemp. All that mess of words was codeword for broker:


What do you actually want to do other than brokering? Other than being a software dev, full-time remote jobs in cannabis are pretty rare.

I do broker, but typically just between buyer and seller (no chains) and I take a very reasonable (aka small) commission. I have met a lot of honest, trusted people. I have worked with other brokers before and it has been nothing but a disaster (usually). I also have an online store site- I am revamping and building it over again right now , hopefully to finish this weekend- and am currently in process of a small preroll brand.

My degree and background is in Project Management and Marketing and I do have education and experience to back those skills up. In addition, I can build websites (usually with Wordpress themes) and I am skilled in most Adobe applications. I do work full time (not in the hemp industry) as well and do any and all things in the hemp space after work, lunch breaks, weekends- I do it because I love the industry, have witnessed first hand how it physically & emotionally has assisted people and I want to be a part of it- not because I want to “get rich quick” but because I love and believe in it. I love connecting and learning. I hustle… work EXTREMELY hard… and I am definitely not looking for any kind of handout. Just attempting to figure out where I belong, not necessarily in marketing… that is why I am here, education.

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Someone arm this chick a box :joy:

Bonus points if you can translate what I just said lol


From my experience this place is a “wake up and conquor the world” sort of place. You have unbelievable amounts of knowledge at the tips of your fingertips.

If you want just an hourly job I suggest finding a niche and offering a service. Most of the guys on here are truly good business men. They have grinded for years to build products, ideas, etc. A LOT of trial and error and a LOT of personal money spent on trying new things. This means that most will make most of their OWN decisions business wise. If you want to learn more about business I suggest finding a way to do things on your own a bit.

Here are some broad suggestions that may get the attention of some of the guys on here.

Build your own brand - Work a deal with a farm, extractor, producer for bulk product cheap, and sell it on your own. build your own brand.

Find someone with product and go the commission route with selling it for them.

Figure out how to do something that people need on this website. If you could bang out packaged, tasty edibles at a fair price my guess is you would have an unlimited amount of orders coming in daily through the site. This could be gummies, cakes, pies, etc. Whatever is cheap enough to produce and then turn and be flipped.

Set up a production line. Figure out how to make balms, salves, prerolls, tincture, carts, etc. Find a farm that will pay you per piece. 1. Have them ship you raw items create product 3.bill them 4. ship back.

Tech work - find a company that needs custom software built, and build it. License it to other companies.

Just some food for thought

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LOL pretty sure I get it. And if so I agree 100%

I’ll put this in the nicest way possible. Front money out with a high risk you will will never see a return. Basically giving them a box for free because they asked for it. I know all too well about people who ask for fronts. Been there, done that and they are all a similar breed minus obviously a select few. If you’re good at business you shouldn’t ask for handouts. Instead let $$$ talk or work a deal.


I love all of these suggestions. Thank you so much for your input. The reason I am on this site is honestly to learn. NOT asking for a handout at all. I do some commission based work right now as well- I work full time so that is why I would like to find something (even minimal) to continue learning about the industry in a part time role. I don’t necessarily need to do marketing just trying to find my place in an industry I am passionate about

imagine asking someone on the internet for a front :joy::rofl:


I hope you all dont think I was asking for a front in ANYWAY. My main desire is to learn.

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No one thinks that. It’s traditional market banter. Your gonna do great I’m sure. More professionalism in the business space of cannabis is definitely welcome. If I were you, I would build a website and start a business consulting hustle on the side and I’m sure that you will eventually get an offer. Best of luck!


Thank you so much!