ISO Rack mount dewax system

Im trying to get into a rack mounted system like bvv sells

But with real equipment like USALABs sells.

The USALab version is perfect having the sight glasses recovery coil & large enough collection base. I don’t think the collection pot on the bvv version can even hold the entire dewax column…

Problem being the USALab is a little large and a little over budget.

Im trying to get into a Vulcan (usalab) style dewaxing unit but a 1 or 2lb version… I know there’s a lot of custom fab people on here, open to anything…

Planning on running a couple trs21s on a budget for the moment.

Thanks everybody!

Contact @Killa12345 and let HIM advise or sell you what it is you are looking for
Best bang for your Buck
And by far the best custumers service in the trade


@Killa12345 actually has some baller systems just like this on the roster now.

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I think the USA lab stuff is nice too. I’d also order from @Killa12345. Best in the business.

On a side note. Checking volume for a future collection vessel and found that 1ft of 6” pipe has the same volume as 4ft of 3”. 1ft of 12” has the same volume as 4ft of 6”.
The collection vessel on the bvv system has the room.


Call USA Labs and ask for Matt. Tell him what you want/looking for. They custom built my 10lb rack mount with all the bells and whistles.

Give him your budget and he will do what he can to help you!