Iso or methanol

Ok Quiestion
If one doesn t have acess to ethanol
Since all is denatured with MEC
Wich solvent would You recomend in Cryo extraction of cannabis biomass at -80C
Or iso propyl ?

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It seems like Beaker would have some valuable input on this. I’ve seen a lot of his posts mention methanol. Hell, even ethyl acetate seems like a decent candidate from one of his posts I was reading. I was actually browsing this thread the other day looking for more info on LL extractions. It might point you in the right direction.


I think either would work fine at such low temp but I do know that generally Methanol is more expensive. In theory methanol is easier to recover as it will not form an azeotrope with water like iso will. I keep both on hand and for some procedures like dewaxing each has its own strengths and each will work fine although my latest method of removing chlorophyl needs iso and not methanol to work well.

On the other hand if your next step involves the LLE method of stripping terps and gums then methanol would be a better choice just because you don’t have to purge solvent so much then. :sunglasses:


Correct me If i am wrong
A Methanol has a higher afinity with cannabinoids acording to research done by restec
B methanol is more polar so that might be the down side
C methanol lower BP so easyier to vac Evaporate
D methanol is non azeotropic so clean
Return of solvent
E Waxes low afinety
F end product is distellate so safe
Just gets down to chlorofyl pick-up at those temperatures i guess might be the only trade off


I have been showing this for quiete some time now pfff