ISO Oklahoma Best Testing Labs (Full Panel)

Hey everyone.

On the hunt for the most accurate OMMA testing lab.

Who do you recommend? Who do you NOT recommend?


Verde is just awful. Express toxicology (now Certus) used to be good but has fallen off a cliff recently.


Damn. Had heard they and High Grade might be okay.

Been a while since I’ve used them but High Grade (a little pricier) and Rhino Labs in Norman. I’ve had good experiences with them.

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Verde is the lab 3chi’s down-market brand is using for their $40 d8 ozs lol


You mean proverde? Testing hemp?

Nope, they use Verde out of OK for the reefers Bay brand

I did see a compliant COA from them with proverde, no batch # to verify though


They have a thc license? Reefers bay = 3chi?

Idk about a THC license, I’d imagine there’s some affiliated labs. I could find their licensing for the Colorado lab either

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I see Verde and ACS (FL) but they’re obviously hemp focused.

Rhino labs all the way. I’ve tested around and he’s the most consistent and has the quickest turn around.


I’ve switched to High Grade but I’m to new to really say anything about them.

Paul and Eric from HighGradeLabs are great. They’re all former science teachers and are great dudes. I frisbee golf with them and nerd out on the science. They’re top notch.

To best lower your COG I highly recommend doing their conglomerate

Submit 4g of 4 strains- tell them to conglomerate it. They’ll combine .5g of ea., test that for full compliance, then get each one tested for THC/Terps/Solvents and boom. $180-$200 per tests depending if you got 3 strains in the conglom or 4

If you want quick, cheaper just by the single test, called Noel at HigherTesting. They can get down to just $200 per test, no conglomerate, and are generally pretty quick, but I don’t like their test layout