ISO mass extraction because they need to meet an ROI for investors?

This company says they are going to mass iso. What are your thoughts?

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Based off the blog post, it sounds like it’s cheaper than ethanol to run and they get comparable results.

There’s a better solvent at the same price point


I meant what are your thoughts on whether or not you agree with ISO being a good solvent for the dinero, or is it a poor choice to meet a price point? Are they sacrificing quality for quantity? Iso just doesn’t sound like the best in my opinion but I am by no means an expert nor am I running an operation as others as the insta post company.

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It’s a good solvent. It’s cheap. Theres just a few others I’d use as my primary extraction solvent. ISO would be good for winterizing. Ethanol is good for non distillate products

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I used iso for extraction for a long time. If you’re doing warm extraction it’s just as good as ethanol i think