ISO : Manager for a Type 7 facility

Hi, I’m looking for a lab manager at our type 7 & distribution facility near Sacramento, CA. The ideal candidate will have the skills and multiple years of experience operating hydrocarbon machines. This position will manage day-to-day operations in a fully regulated, compliant environment.


  • Operating hydrocarbon machines & post-processing procedures
  • Maintaining, and making adjustments and repairs to extraction equipment
  • Training new team members on extraction equipment and procedures.
  • Ensuring policy and procedure compliance across all processes within the department.
  • Monitoring employee attendance and performance.
  • Oversee equipment cleaning and maintenance policies, ensuring equipment is well maintained.
  • Maintaining strict inventory records of all plant materials, chemicals, and equipment used in the facility, assisting in improving records when needed
  • Oversee process flow throughout department, making changes in allocation of resources to meet demand
  • Ensuring team members store supplies and equipment and disposal of waste according to guidelines
  • Maintaining inventory records of supplies, materials, and equipment and preparing requisitions as needed
  • Maintaining material safety data sheets for all chemicals and products
  • Following all standard operating procedures regarding product creation and lab safety
  • Works with testing laboratory as defined by state guidelines

Wage would start at $30-35hr or option of salary dependent on knowledge & experience.

Please DM for more info


Just curious, if the manager is paid 30/hr what would technicians be paid?

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Were a new company and willing to pay more once we start making more $


Do you have a website for your business?

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@shamanr00t I just sent you a DM

I highly recommend @CuriousChemist22 for this position! He has experience in everything you need him for!


DM’d back


I’ve sent a response, I also noticed you appear to be looking for refinement of your gummy recipe, and while everyone is very close to the correct answer in that thread, I already have the solution because I’ve already dealt with that.


@CuriousChemist22 is the right fit for you.


Lead extraction tech at a licensed type 7 manufacturing facility in West Sacramento. 5+ years running different systems as well as pre/post production, training new techs, C1D1 layout design, ect. DM for more info/resume.

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Still vetting people… open to higher salary offer for the right person 100k+

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