ISO: Lighter Filling Service Los Angeles

Have a client with 10,000 lighters in Los Angeles that need filled with butane, looking for someone to fill them.

My first thought was to acquire a master case and a wook and put them to work. But specifically the client is looking for a professional lighter filling service if that is a thing. I think they didn’t know they would arrive empty.

So any of you gas guys got the lighter filler :electric_plug:?



I don’t wanna say this but I almost think solvent direct might be the only one… even if they do I’m just saying this cause the lighter thingys

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are the lighters nice, or a throwaway like a bic? you could sell a little can of tain’ with the lighter?

see the tiny cans


They are nice lighters, will be included in an 1/8 box package at dispensaries with a grinder

the whole mini can thing might end up cheaper/ look more premium to the cousty after labor and repackaging, not to mention it would take less effort.


I believe the whole box already arrived (flower jar, grinder, lighter.) strange concept to sell as a package personally I’m not sure I’d go back and buy more if every time I had to purchase another grinder and lighter with my 1/8

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Do the lighters have a fill port on the bottom?

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Yes they are “high end” torch style lighters

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give a case of the cans to the vendors along with the packaged product? You could always do the shrink wrap thing like this.


The hard part is you already have the weed packaged, it might be hard to find a place to fill the lighters if you already have bud in the package.

now if your opening the package the can is an easy thing to re-include if you have space for it.
do you have a pic of the product?


They make a lighter filling wand attachment for the 20lb disposable solvent tanks. I could have sworn eco-green use to sell them. I always wanted one to fill the dab rig. Have fun!


I think it wouldn’t fly with the aesthetics they are going for, it’s a $100 1/8 situation unfortunately


Like this?

No. It was like $100. Look like a wand if I can recall. I’ll look around.


I’d hire a set of wooks and be done with it in a day if I were you.

Side note: can y’all believe Apple spell check recognizes y’all, but not wook?


You might want to go with @Killa12345 suggestion and get a tank of n-tane and a filling attachment along with a wook. I couldn’t find anything other than lighter repair services in la, they might be able to fill your lighters.


Rent-A-Wook sounds like a handy service that I would never use. :joy:


My concern is that user error would lead to an epic explosion of patchouli oil, american spirit loose tobacco, and dreadlocks all over the facility


from my understanding correct me if I am wrong, the primus filling adapter has an internal schrader valve. If so you can connect it to a tank by getting a hose made that is 1/4 female JIC by 7/16 UNEF this would connect the primus adapter to a 25lb tank adapter fitting like this.

make sure the 25 lb tank you get has a dip tube.


We have a local for hire wook in our area who drives around in a camper van with his dog and will gladly park in your driveway for a week or two if you’ve got work for him. I know people who have hired him. I sure wouldn’t lol


I have the best damn employee who pulled himself up by his bootstraps and out of the trailer park to be successful. He has a gang of salt of the earth folks who want to just do cash jobs and smoke weed.

The other big resource we use is folks who want to get into the weed industry but don’t have connections. If they do good work, we introduce them to people in the industry and they can use us as a reference.


In wooks we trust!! Well sometimes…