ISO Delta 8 half kilo (98%+ TAC required)

Yes, the retention times are different. Check out a standard method that is labeled.

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If only hehe…it’s the other way around, if anything.

I can’t speak on behalf of the lab, and I’m not sure what their methodology is for testing. However, if anyone would like a sample, we are happy to send them out.

NOTE : We do not provide a finished Certificate of Analysis.
Our lab reports are geared towards interim testing and our consultants can help you with next best practices.

crazy how many people are using these guys for “compliance” testing

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What lab is this?

Marin Analytics. Marin, Altitude, GreenLeaf, Pharmlabs, and now it looks like north coast - they all use inappropriate methods and are favored by the sellers of d8


Who do you consider the most reputable West coast lab?

ChemHistory seems reputable, but I don’t have firsthand experience with them

if it’s for hemp, just hit up @kcalabs. I’d like to see a test in parallel with a better lab honestly

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Check those dm’s.

Is he slanging some? I’m still looking for an oz, or so.

I’m late. I did not read ghe reactions.
But I say “back to square one”.

I’m in.
You just have to pay for the post.
But I can test it.


If you use that 35 column you have been advised in the other thread, you should see cbdv comming first, and cbn comming last. With all of the others in between.

It is still highly unlikely to find cbdv in a d8 sample.

Exo-thc is systematic.
Seem to be always some iso-something as well, usually more than d9.


Appreciate that. I did find a 15m rxi 35sil to play with :slight_smile: will have to report back.

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So funny that coa is old as shit and full of shit. I made that d8 and it was made from mother liquor and the potency isn’t that. Def was not made by a chemist for 10 years.

Why do so many people try and lie to sell there stuff instead of being honest. Has the industry really come to this.


Sure has… its sadly been like this for years.

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Honestly I think I’ll only be comfortable formulating with D8 when people can completely isolate it.

Chances are it will be too late by then

I’ll just stick to buying from those I trust on here.

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Yup. Especially not giving credit to the person who made it. That was the old place I worked at where I made that and was so called fired from.

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Doesn’t matter the lab. The compliant part is funny. Also a chemist of 10 years did not make that stuff. Good try though.