Iso chiller for my 20l roto *socal*

My chiller just went down and I’m looking for one local in Orange County California Looking for any chiller that can work with a 20 L roto. Thanks in advance

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I have a Polyscience AD28R-30-BV1B available that would work great…it goes down to -30 c and will hold the temps you need for your 20 L roto

Where are you located and how much

Do you have the temp requirement?

You need a fairly large chiller. For recovering residual solvent you’ll need at least 1.5Hp, and if you are using the rotovap to recover the bulk of your solvent then you’ll need something around 3Hp.
We have a 1.5Hp polyscience chiller in stock, with a -20°C minimum temp rating.

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