Iso-butane Versus 70/30 mix

Evening ladies and gentlemen,

For those in the shatter game, here’s a question:

What are the pros and cons to using Iso-butane versus 70/30 bp mix when it comes to making shatter?

thank you.

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Pouring will be difficult if u use a platter that u have to break from the collection pot. With a pour out spout it is much easier if using only iso butane. Some people have sugaring problems with isobutane. I haven’t had much prob with that as long as your oven tek is on point. Isobutane is my favorite gas it recovers fast and you don’t have to worry about keeping on top of your blend ratio. The 70/30 mix makes a great shatter but u must be diligent with your pressures and gas loss to keep that 70/30 a 70/30

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I believe I had a major stability change when using 70/30 mix. That or it was some Azamax in my oil

I prefer to use a single solvent over using a blend, as well. I also prefer isobutane. And as far as the stability goes. I usually don’t have a problem with sugaring unless that is my intention. @710enigmatic is right, if you have your oven tech on point, you shouldn’t have sugar problems. It acts like a blend without having to use a blend. Low BP makes a great head pressure for a speedy recovery. Messing with blends is tankerous when trying to keep your ratio. You can tell by your pressure at certain temps what your ratio is close to. Or, you can just keep one in there. Makes great everything from shatter, to crumble, budders, batters, sauce, and the rest of the arsenal. But, it’s also up to you and how you are comfortable with using your system.


I was using 70/30 blend but I read Extraction & van der Waals Force and noticed my tank pressure was close to 100 at room temperature and I was having stability problems. I switched to straight n butane and so far so good. The only draw back is I have no pressure to push through my crc but I changed my op to accommodate and it’s going good.

I might check out iso butane down the road

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I like 7030 iso also. Fast great end product. Usually very tasty also. But i been running straigh iso lately. In a pinch ill go with 7030 n

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Heres an alternative: Run straight n tane and add 1 pound or so of hot propane gas on top of column at the end of your run like you would nitrogen

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Then do what with the propane in your system?

Recover it along with your butane, now you have your 70/30 mix.


So if I were to run pure iso butane should i have to worry about pressure problems? Or is that just the 70/30 mix that raises pressure?

Anything over than N butane will cause pressure problems if not running your system right.

Takes dry ice to really keep pressure down fast for any blend.

N butane liquid at 32f 0psi

Iso and propane both are low to be liquid at 0psi something like -40f. That make any sense…use dry Ice to battle this passively

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Isobutane boils off at -10c(ish) not much different than butane, but a little more pressure from the lower BP