ISO: BHO / CLS Extraction Equipment

Item: USED or Like NEW collection vessel 100-150lb

Location: Need it in AZ



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What’s the specs on the ferrules diameter ?
And this is jacketed Correct?
Can you send more pics of around the vessel. I like it.

Yes. Fully jacketed. Holding rack with wheels included. The other side is pretty much the same lol no dents if you’re concerned. Barely used. Diameter is 24 inches I believe on the outside. 24x36in

What size are the ports

I have 2 available
4x 1.5in TC on top
2x 6in TC. One on top, one on bottom.
Ports for the jacket are .5in female npt

Do you have the other spare parts to make it a completed unit. Or parts such as.
1.5” sight glass.
1.5”x .5” MNPT ports
6” Bottom jacketed end cap with 1/2” spout port

Yes. I have enough spare parts for a whole massive system

I have a splatter platter if it’s preferred

Edited response*

All I need are the
(4)1.5”x 1/2” MNPT or FNPT fittings
With clamps and nuts/bolts
And 1/2”valves with 1/2”mJIC fittings. For the jacketed 1/2”npt ports.

I have the rest of the 6” hardware.

I’m going to use a jacketed pour spout end cap. 1/2” valve.

No need for sight glasses. They are already on the tank

So if you need just the 1.5" TC TO .5" NPT or FNPT, I have them. Plus whatever nuts, bolts, and clamps you might need

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What would total price be. And are you in Az

Splatter platter is what they call it. It’s a jacketed reducer that reduces down to a 1/2" male npt.

I’m actually in your neighbor state of California

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So what pieces did you need all together?

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(2)1.5”x 1/2”valve with 1/2”mJIC fittings
(2)1.5”x 1/2”valve with 3/8”mJIC fittings
(2) 1/2” valves w/1/2”mJIC on the jacket ports

I’d suggest for the top 4 ports two 1/2" mJic fittings, one 3/8th and a T adapter fitted with a -30hg - 150psi oil filled gauge and a max 150psi or adjustable pressure relief valve.

1/2in JIC fitted valves for the jacket is good.