ISO Aldrich Kugelrohr and oven

Looking for an Aldrich Kugelrohr and oven.

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They’re back on sigma

right tool.

$10K new.


and a toaster oven?

or even starting with an old rotovap…


That KR on eBay is the broken one I’m pretty certain. I’d prefer to have the Aldrich oven with the older Aldrich motor.

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I detest this style.
the glassware is made to spin by a glass nipple on the bottom of the flask
(It will break very easy!)

I would go with a homemade KR using an old rotovap motor 100% of the time and have the receiver and saucer bump trap made.


Capn Jack approved?


I have one

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Want to get rid of it?

Sure we can talk where can I send pictures ?

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Sorry sent a couple extra pic/vid lol

This gives a good idea on what to use for making a d.i.y. Kugelrohr.

I would use a reversable low voltage high rpm motor and then connect it to an rpm controller for model trains. Then go from there

but in all reality if going diy just buy a used rotovap motor and go from there

… or just buy a rotovap and an spd

Ok if anyone else is interested hit me up. I also have all the glass.

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The “newest” Kugelrohr we put together at ASRI.
The Büchi RE121 is almost perfect for this. Has a solid base, digital controls, achieves horizontal easily, etc.

In red is the small air cooled diffusion pump.
For those worried about vacuum depth, this here system runs anywhere from 3 mTORR to sub mTORR while distilling (NOTE: little to no highly volatile constituents).

In yellow is a custom glass adapter from Adams & Chittenden (FYI. You can get away with the actual rotovap piece that goes here, and make your adjustments down the vac line).

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Edit. Added to post below.

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Again. I highly advise against this style. Total shit compared to the old school versions. With a price tag many orders of magnitude beyond what it’s worth.

With this new style you’ll need special RBFs which is ridiculous. With the older or DIY you can use the normal (cheap as well as harder to break than the nippled bottom flasks needed for these newer KR)

Also rotation > oscillation for many reasons.

Old rotovaps (recommend the RE 121) are easily sourced. No need to reinvent the wheel.

The hard part is finding an old kugelrohr oven. But well worth the $ (usually around $1K) as once you get some receiving flasks and saucer bump traps you are ready to go.

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didn’t know, just saw they were on sigma and wanted to put it out there. I had no idea there was a difference or a model change.

That was just an idea. I did mention it would be easier to just get a rotovap and an spd.

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What pumps are you using for this?

An air cooled diffusion pump in front of a rot.vane like an edwards or alcatel.

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