Is this Sulphur?

Hey, I added these pennies to 60ml of ethanol with 8gr of BHO. After leaving them in water with citric acid. Around 2 days.

The middle one was not in solution.

The ones around yes. Where all the pennies look clean that’s the side touching the glass jar. (24h)

Now my solution did turn darker and has a green tint to it.

I’m just curious if it looks like the material is contaminated with sulphur. Or the reaction is from something else.

As at he beginning the extract did smell pretty well(lemony). But that smell is gone and now there’s this skunky/foul smell. I just can’t figure it out if that’s how it should smell or it’s sulphur.

I’ve seen people say they had no success in removing sulphur with copper. In a recent post Zack from illuminated suggested using iron carbonate.

Thank you

The reaction you’re looking for is black. How does it smoke


Well you definitely don’t use coins like this to remove sulphur or sulphur compounds….


I did not smoke it yet. Still have to winterize and purge.

I did give it another smell and it does kinda smell like terpenes. I’m just overthinking I guess.

But I can’t explain why did the pennies darkened in color.

I have some copper wire. I will try that see what happens

Try soaking a penny in ethanol without BHO in it as a control experiment.


Ive heard of people using copper…but not metal amalgamations from coins. Might be better off trying to get the sulphur attracted to the copper with chore boy brand copper scrubbies. My buddy remediated his sulphury badder with a bunch of scrubbies. They are 99.997% PURE copper. You need to get the little bit of mineral oil off of them by soaking them by themselves for a while in some solvent. But after that you have pure copper my man. Make sure its Choreboy brand because other companies do Copper clad on steel wire so thats a no beuno.

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As of now I have some pennies in clean ethanol to see what happens.

If there’s no reaction I’m going to try my copper wire or just buy some copper tubing.

Thank you

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Weren’t there concerns about this on the last sulfur thread given that copper is a neurotoxin? Will it not leach into the oil?

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This is what sulfur contamination looked like for me using a penny


These are always my favorite kinds of threads here on Future :heart:

Happy science-ing my dudes!


… “wait- you didn’t drink that, DID YOU?!”


a study published in the journal American Chemical Society identified the skunk-like or sulfuric aromas that you may be noticing as coming from a family of seven scent-producing molecules called “volatile sulfur compounds” (VSCs).
VSCs are part of a family of volatile organic compounds which also includes the terpenes and terpenoids.

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Firstly carbon scrub the material. Then proceed with the below.

This is for a series of around 15-18 total washes. If you’re good at lle, you won’t loose a lot of material.

3-5% bleach by volume on a 1:1 lle solution : sulphur tainted oil in solvent, wash this for 45 minutes then separate and discard aqueous layer, then wash with brine, you’ll have to buffer with brine inbetween each wash helping elude all the nasty compounds more efficiently. swing high ph first then buffer with brine, then bleach, then buffer with brine, then switch between acidic & alakaline ph till your satisfied with the look/aromatics, then finish off with neutral washes to balance out while checking of course always ending up around ph of 6-7. Proceed with discard of final aqueous layer, filter solution off with sulfate & remove all solids/ residual moisture, recover solvent & then run first pass with copper scrubbers in the spd head.


pump it thru a copper coil. a big ol worm

I just soaked the pennies in pure ethanol. No change occured. So now I have some botanical terpenes which I’ll add to the ethanol to see if the pennies will darken in color.
Top row: ethanol with BHO
Bottom row: pure ethanol

My pennies look nothing like yours. Do you remember the pennies to oil ratio?

Like .9g of oil in 5mL ethanol. Clean the penny with vinegar first

I did clean them in water+citric acid. I’ll wait until tomorrow to see what happens with them in ethanol+ botanical terpenes. If not I’m just going to buy some copper tubing on Monday. Thank you

are people seriously still using Sulphur on their plants… let alone extraction it hahaha thats bunk!!

I can definitely confirm that at least some farmers are using Sulfur on their plants. We extracted a large batch of biomass that ended up having significant Sulfur levels.

Hard to tell with most sugars until you dab them, the terp fraction (HTE) usually will have an off nose to it and the taste is terrible. We even decarbed a small quantity of one strain of THCa into diamonds and when you open the jar, the smell will almost curl your stomach.

Ordered some of the scrubbies to at least try and remediate the HTE fractions. Thanks for the heads up about those c0dean.

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iv extracted plenty of sulphury biomass but not in like 5 years haha we always threw out the extract and made the biomass supplier pay for a new lot of gas plus cleaning time

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