Is this oxidation or are my terps separating?

So I’m getting a dark ring around the top of some carts. These carts are winterized shatter mixed with cdt. This is one of 3 shatter flavors, the only one it happened with. Noticed it after filling the first time, figured the terps were separating because I didn’t mix it enough with my homogenizer. First time I brought the oil temp to 180’f, added terps and mixed. Second time I heated to 200’f with the terps already in the oil, then homogenized again, higher speed and longer. I have a CAT x1000, the homogenizer head was submerged well, it blended just as well as any other oil, even ran it for longer then other oils.

Still noticed a darker ring at the top. I’m starting to wonder if maybe I’m filling this oil too hot and the top is oxidizing? I did fill these hot, around 180’f

Opinions? Should I drain and homogenize again?

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Looks oxidized to me. 180 is hot
They look ok though.


Oxidation for sure


How long was it ran for? The homogenizer gets hot really fast

I wouldnt fill above 70c and i highly recommend blending terps and allowing the mixture to sit overnight before filling. It makes a big difference. Also when filling cap ASAP!


45/60 seconds the first time, maybe like 90 seconds the next. First time the homogenizer tip wasn’t fully submerged and it got really frothy from mixing in air, I figured it cooled down the solution too much the first time I tried to homogenize it. Second time I put it in a more narrow high form beaker and was able to stir without whipping in air

Wayyyy too long. 45 seconds MAX, for >500ml for 200 ml around 15-20 sec


When re heating to fill, wouldent you experience some excess terpene degredation though?

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Any time ive tried this with just normal disty and regular terps with the cat x1000 as well, the next day it usually gets a fat terp striation though the middle almost like it isnt fully blended anymore. Lmk your thoughts im intrested

Do you notice a difference in flavor steeping after homogenizing?

Btw OP these carts look fine, barley any oxidation on the headspace. I think your over analyzing, if your selling them as shatter carts i cant imagine anyone would be unhappy with this appearance.


How long are you letting the blend sit under heat:

before mixing,
during mixing and
after mixing before filling?

Microwave bursts to warm up so not more than 3 min, add terps, mix 30 sec ish, let cool nayurally to room temp

There is your oxidization right there. I don’t believe in steeping because I use a homogenizer as part of my process. If everything is homogenous, then the blend will get just as much effect steeping in a cart as steeping in a jar.

You also have to directly heat your terps by letting your blend cool, because eventually you will have to re-heat to fill.

All of these gaps in between mixing and filling give your blend time to oxidize. Use argon to reduce the effect.


People will buy them at that level? I need to do 1.1 to fill them or else they don’t sell

I fill to 1.05ml, sell them as such. These ecap carts I think will hold 1.2ml, just need to educate the customers. If they want them filled to the brim then it’ll just cost more. My market also has lots of legal products which are always sold as 1ml/1g so head space is expected. Really don’t get much flack, except for orders that got left in my car and the element has become fully saturated, even then a small discussion usually satisfies people’s concerns

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Sometimes cheap terps fuckup the distillate especially if there is even a minute amount of leftover impurities .

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